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Atome and Mastercard boost gamers with power to convert reward points to gaming credits

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Digital financial services platform Atome has partnered with Mastercard to allow Atome Card holders in the Philippines to convert their Atome rewards points into gaming credits via the Mastercard Gamer Xchange (MGX). A first-of-its-kind turnkey solution, MGX facilitates a convenient exchange that helps consumers convert their reward points into gaming credits across nearly 4,000 of the world’s most popular gaming titles. 

According to 2023’s “Global Digital Report” by Meltwater and We Are Social, the Philippines is ranked the world’s number one gaming country, with over 95% of internet users in the country between the ages of 16-64 playing online games. 

“We’ve seen a very strong take-up for the Atome Card, especially among digital-native Gen Z and millennial users in the Philippines, with one of the top use cases for the Atome Card being online purchases. We see a strong synergy in this partnership with Mastercard’s MGX platform as it provides Atome Card holders and gamers access to a wide range of gaming credit options,” said Magic Tang, Atome Head of Cards Business. 


“MGX bridges the world of rewards to the thriving global gaming community, offering an innovative and seamless redemption solution in a new category. From eSports viewers to console and smartphone gaming enthusiasts across a range of demographics, it opens new connections to the world’s fastest expanding entertainment market,” said Kaveri Khullar, Senior Vice President for Consumer Marketing and Sponsorships at Mastercard. “As the Philippines gaming market anticipates further growth in the next few years, this partnership with Atome is a fantastic example of how innovative payment experiences are evolving to connect consumers to their passions.”

For a limited time until March, gaming enthusiasts can obtain up to PHP2,000 worth of gaming credits when they shop using the Atome Card. 

Atome recently launched the upgraded Atome Card, allowing Filipino consumers the ability to shop and buy now, pay later anywhere a Mastercard card is accepted, in-store, online, and even overseas. New features include choosing “Pay in 3” or “Pay in 6” month options. 
Upon approval of their Atome Card application, consumers will receive a pre-paid card, which is available as both a virtual and physical card, with a potential spending limit of up to PHP200,000, based on the individual’s credit assessment. Cardholders can view and manage their payment installment schedules within the Atome mobile app. 
Consumers in the Philippines can apply for the Atome Card here

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