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Audio agency Homonym partners with branding powerhouse Dean Aragon

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Manila-based agency Homonym, pioneers of Sonic Branding in the Philippines, has partnered with Dean Aragon. The branding powerhouse lends his craft as a Special Advisor for Sonic Branding and Multi-sensory Experience.

Homonym Founder & CEO Mike Constantino was all praises about Aragon being onboard. “I’m delighted for our collaboration as we expand the Homonym soundscape in the Philippines and beyond.”

Homonym Founder & CEO, Mike Constantino.

“We have already seen the level and quality of our work greatly improve with Dean in the fold. Ensuring that we consistently release global-worthy audio and sonic branding output is just the beginning of Homonym’s mastery of this space.”


A career Unilever marketer, Aragon joined Shell International in 2014 and hit the ground running. Since then, the global energy company has boosted its Sonic Identity and is now the 2nd ranked sonic brand in the world. He is currently the CEO and Vice Chairman of Shell Brands International and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

The award-winning “The Sound of Shell” is his magnum opus. In a recent interview, he explains the thinking behind the process:

“It’s (The Sound of Shell) an entire ecosystem. It needs to be broad so that you can curate it because you can’t tell me that what works in the Philippines will suddenly magically work in Brazil. We are as diverse as you can imagine, with over 700 permutations of the ‘The Sound of Shell,’ but they are also working in a brand-cohesive manner.”

Aragon also expressed his excitement with exploring the sound of the Philippine market.

Dean Aragon is the CEO & Vice-Chairman of Shell Brands International AG

“I believe in the passion, talent, and soul of Filipinos. For starters, we love our music. We love singing and dancing to it. Filipinos remember the jingles of restaurants and other products. They even have brand sonic logos as ringtones for their phones. So I know that there’s a lot of potential for Sonic Branding here in the Philippines.”

And when asked about his partnership with Homonym, he had this to share: “I believe that Mike and the rest of Homonym has what it takes to compete in the global soundscape. I’m looking forward to help take their thinking to the next level.”

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