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Check out how Shangri-La  The Fort Manila celebrates Earth Day everyday

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In celebration of the United Nation’s International Mother Earth Day, Shangri-La The Fort, Manila invited children and their parents from the Barangay Fort Bonifacio Mini Park day-care center for an educational urban gardening and sustainability activity.

In Harmony with Nature at Shangri-La

Since being awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification in 2019, the mixed-used complex continues to make strides in practicing environmental sustainability for hotel guests, dining customers, and employees every day.


The complex houses a bee farm that supplies honey for smoothies at Kerry Sports Manila, sweet treats at Bake House, and other signature dishes.

Bake House offers pastries made with local and sustainably sourced ingredients and packaged in biodegradable materials. The all-time favorite “conscious cookie” was born out of various cookie trims and ingredients that did not make the (measuring) cup, repurposed with a lot of flavor and heart.

Nestled at the top 20 floors of the building, Horizon Homes, a collection of bespoke private homes, has its own rooftop garden where various herbs and vegetables are grown. Residents can pick fresh tomatoes, eggplants, and various herbs to use for their homemade meals.

Single-use plastic water bottles in guest rooms have been replaced with glass ones, in addition to employees making use of water refilling stations have saved over hundreds of plastic containers from ending up in our landfills.

Together Rooted in Nature

“We continued our partnership with the community of Barangay Fort Bonifacio Mini Park day-care center to inspire and encourage children’s love for nature. It is through enkindling the desire of the younger generation to take care of the environment that we are able to grow and move forward in our shared commitment to protect our Mother Earth beyond the walls of the Shangri-La The Fort, Manila complex,” said Mirko de Giorgi, Resident Manager, Shangri-La The Fort, Manila.

The activity was kicked off with a tour of the rooftop garden at Horizon Homes then followed up with a mini tree planting activity, interactive discussion on sustainability, and nutritious meal. The children took part in the activities almost as if it were play time, excited to try planting their own seeds and sharing ways to reuse common household items.


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