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De La Salle University is now the Philippines’ first-ever Canva-powered campus

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Canva, the world’s only all-in-one visual communication platform, and De La Salle University (DLSU), one of the Philippines’ leading universities, have teamed up to bring Canva for Campus to over 25,000 DLSU students and faculty members in an effort to empower them to create and communicate visually. 

According to Canva’s Visual Economy Report, visual communication is fast becoming the most impactful form of communication in the workplace. With this, there has never been a more important time for campuses in the Philippines to embrace the power of digital and design literacy and enable students to unlock critical skills that will allow them to be more competitive in today’s evolving and fast-paced job market.

“Great communication is a pillar of effective education. As the world evolves, so must the tools that our schools and universities use to educate and communicate with students. We are excited to see how Canva will empower DLSU students, not only in the classrooms but beyond, as they bring their visual communication skills to their future workplaces,” said Yani Hornilla-Donato, country manager of Canva Philippines. “We’re also equally excited to bring Canva to the hands of DLSU’s faculty members to empower them to create a more engaging, interactive class powered by visual communication.”


Canva for Campus is a new subscription service that brings the power of Canva’s entire visual communication platform to colleges and universities. With it, the entire campus body gets access to premium features, from thousands of high-quality educational templates for lesson plans, presentations, infographics, and more to team management and collaboration features designed with schools and universities in mind.

Enhancing campus life with Canva 

DLSU, with its forward-thinking approach to education, recognizes that its campuses should embrace a more streamlined way of collaborating and creating classroom materials. In line with the institute’s affinity for innovation, it is now the Philippines’ first Canva-powered Campus — an opportunity for more effective collaborations and communication among students, teachers, and the campus administration. 

“Canva has always been a popular tool used by our students, faculty, and employees. Investing in it aligns with the university’s goal of ’Enhancing student experience’ by giving them full access to the tools they need for learning. With Canva having AI-powered tools and apps, our students can leverage technology and have the edge in being 21st-century learners,” shared Michael Manguerra, ECE, Director of DLSU’s Academic Support for Instructional Services and Technology.

In addition to students, Canva for Campus enables educators to customize content to make every lecture, class, and project engaging. It also allows university departments to streamline workflows, share knowledge, and collaborate.

Canva is now a widely used visual communication platform in schools and universities, with over 60 million students and teachers using it globally to achieve their goals. To sign up or learn more about Canva for Campus, visit here.

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