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DoubleVerify earns Media Rating Council accreditation for attention measurement solution

SINGAPORE — DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, has received Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its DV Authentic Attention metrics, DV’s attention-based analytics and performance solution.

“Earning MRC accreditation for DV Authentic Attention, in an environment where ad dollars are increasingly scrutinized for accountability, advances our commitment to developing independent media quality and performance solutions that drive campaign outcomes for our global brand customers,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify.

The new accreditation spans DV’s full set of display and video DV Authentic Attention metrics for desktop, mobile web, and mobile app. This is the first time the MRC has reviewed DV’s advanced analytics beyond the view-ability standard into viewable impression measurement performance.


Components of the newly accredited solution include:

  • The Engagement Index: This capability analyzes key user-initiated events that occur while the ad creative is displayed, including user touches, screen orientation, video playback, and audio control interactions.
  • The Exposure Index: This element evaluates an ad’s entire presentation, quantifying its intensity and prominence through metrics that include viewable time, share of screen, video completion, audibility, and more.
  • Attention Benchmarks: These critical performance metrics enable advertisers to understand, measure, and optimize their campaigns against others in the industry to maximize impact.

In addition to this first-time accreditation, the MRC granted initial accreditation in nine languages for CTV app ad verification at a property level. Also, continued accreditation was granted for display and digital video impressions and IVT (invalid traffic) in desktop, mobile web, mobile application, and CTV environments, as well as for viewable impressions and property-level ad verification metrics within desktop, mobile web, and mobile application.

Continuation was also granted for DV’s third-party integrated reporting of Facebook display and video impressions, viewable impressions, and related view-ability metrics within desktop, mobile web, and mobile in-app, inclusive of IVT filtration in desktop.

“We congratulate DoubleVerify on the extension of its MRC accreditation to now include this suite of attention-focused metrics,” noted George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the MRC. “DV has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to quality measurement through its engagement in the accreditation process, and this addition to its portfolio of MRC-accredited metrics stands as further evidence of the success it’s achieved in that regard.”

In October, DV launched the DV Attention Lab to help advertisers optimize campaign performance using in-depth attention data on ad engagement and ad exposure. Featuring a multidisciplinary team consisting of data scientists, product experts, and marketing analysts, the Lab provides advertisers with sophisticated, attention-based insights and recommendations on campaign performance.

The continuation of DV’s MRC accreditation, and attainment of first-time accreditations for the DoubleVerify metrics noted above, underscore DV’s track record of continuous innovation while adhering to the highest standards within the industry.

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