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Globe helps break the stigma by taking part in Publicis Groupe’s ‘Working With Cancer’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Aiming to remove the cancer stigma and provide greater support for stricken employees, Globe has joined the “Working With Cancer” pledge led by French multinational advertising and public relations firm Publicis Groupe

Globe is the first telecom company in not just the Philippines but Southeast Asia to participate in the global effort, joining over 1,700 others from around the world who have joined the pledge. 

The initiative is a call to action for business leaders to take charge in abolishing the stigma and insecurity that people with cancer face in the workplace and to create a culture of support for those who need it most. This aligns with Globe’s goal to provide comprehensive care and assistance to its employees, ensuring that they always feel secure and valued.


By signing the pledge, Globe commits to a five-point action plan: 

  • Understanding and implementing policies and programs to support affected employees
  • Raising employee awareness of the commitment
  • Fostering workplace conversations about the disease
  • Tracking progress
  • Continuously learning and improving support measures

“Globe is a highly focused entity when it comes to employee welfare. We hope to set an example for the rest of the community in terms of supporting employees in this situation. My hope is that by bringing this issue to the forefront and to public awareness, we’ll be able to raise funding and draw more attention to it,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

To ensure the health and well-being of its employees, Renato Jiao, Globe’s Chief Human Resource Officer, highlighted how the company prioritizes preventive measures, including annual physical examinations for early detection and preventive care. Globe is also set to launch health education and awareness campaigns while continuously seeking innovative ways to address and complement the medical needs of its workforce.

“Aligned with our commitment to Alagang Globe, we promise to handhold our employees throughout their entire journey with us. Our care is a constant presence, and we continuously prioritize their comprehensive well-being and growth, especially their health,” he said.

AC Health joined Globe at the recent pledging ceremony, reiterating their commitment to providing excellent cancer care to afflicted Globe employees. 

“AC Health is deeply honored to build on our longstanding partnership with Globe, which reflects our shared commitment to elevating healthcare for their employees. Through programs like Working With Cancer, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to employees facing cancer, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment and assistance throughout their journey,” said Paolo Borromeo, AC Health President and CEO

Arthur Sadoun, Publicis Groupe CEO, welcomed Globe’s participation in the pledge, calling it a milestone in the long relationship between the two organizations.

“Today you are joining over 1,700 companies all over the world who are committed to building a more inclusive, more supportive workplace for all of those impacted by cancer and their families. I cannot thank you enough for joining us on this journey. We are so proud to have Globe by our side and signing the pledge is just another example of your exemplary company culture, always investing in your people and their well-being,” said Arthur via a video message. Arthur initiated WWC following his own cancer diagnosis in 2022.

An estimated 9,000 cancer patients die every year in the  Philippines, and nearly half of them are premature or preventable, according to the government think tank Philippine Institute for Development Studies in 2023. An estimated 25,000 cancer cases, meanwhile, are reported in the country every year.

Globe’s participation in the “Working With Cancer” initiative underscores its commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive workplace, paving the way for a brighter future for all employees affected by cancer.

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