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Grab and Jaya Grocer elevate retail media advertising in Malaysia through O2O integration

SINGAPORE — Grab has unveiled its latest collaboration with Jaya Grocer, Malaysia’s leading mass-premium supermarket chain. Now, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands retailing under Jaya Grocer can leverage GrabAds, Grab’s advertising arm, for a unified omnichannel advertising solution. This marks the seamless integration of GrabMart’s online retail presence with Jaya Grocer’s offline presence comprising 50 physical stores across Malaysia. Whether it is about helping brands increase visibility, boost sales, or simply build a brand, Grab and Jaya Grocer are elevating their commitment through this online-to-offline (O2O) integration to deliver unparalleled value to FMCG players retailing under the supermarket chain.

Among the notable brands under Jaya Grocer who have leveraged this omnichannel advertising solution via a GrabAds campaign is the leading healthy cheese brand, The Laughing Cow. The brand successfully attributed the majority of its offline sales at Jaya Grocer to its online awareness campaign on GrabAds during the campaign period.

According to Grab’s Food and Grocery Trends 2023 report, 9 out of 10 Grab users in Malaysia prefer brands that offer an integrated O2O experience. The strength of GrabAds’ retail media network capabilities, combined with Jaya Grocer’s large supplier network, is well-positioned to enable brands to reach the increasingly hybrid shopper through its full-funnel ecosystem, covering brand discovery, conversion, and even last-mile delivery.


“As consumers make purchases in stores while maintaining online shopping habits, it is imperative for brands to consider the entire omnichannel consumer journey when closing the loop from awareness to purchase. Retail media networks like GrabAds enable brands to build such O2O advertising campaigns seamlessly, thanks to our comprehensive ad ecosystem – from online search ads to offline fleet wraps. We are only strengthening our O2O capabilities with the integration of Jaya Grocer. GrabAds looks forward to working with more FMCG brands on innovative O2O campaigns,” said Dave Yang, Regional Head of Sales and GTM at GrabAds.

“We are thrilled to see the continued impact of our integration with Grab, particularly for the FMCG brands retailing under Jaya Grocer. The promising landscape of on-demand grocery services in Malaysia, where many consumers prefer a seamless blend of online and offline shopping, makes this partnership more significant than ever. Our collaboration with Grab will allow Jaya Grocer to tap into an active consumer base shopping online and offline, contributing to the growth trajectory of our (Jaya Grocer’s) business in Malaysia,” said Daniel Teng, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Jaya Grocer.

Since 2021, Grab and Jaya Grocer have been working together to bring the convenience of on-demand grocery delivery to more consumers in Malaysia. In 2022, Grab and Jaya Grocer announced the rollout of GrabPay and GrabRewards across all Jaya Grocer physical retail stores and the subsequent folding of Jaya Grocer’s loyalty program with any Grab user in 2023. This integration, which now includes GrabAds, will allow FMCG brands to reap even more benefits from the Grab ecosystem.

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