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Havas Ortega becomes one of the first agencies to acquire Meta Media Certification 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — As an agency with a pulse on digital marketing, Havas Ortega earned recognition in May 2023 by tech conglomerate Meta as a Meta Media Certified company. Havas Ortega is an integrated media and communications agency and its digital arm has been a key component in driving its upward business growth. Notwithstanding, securing the Meta Media Certificate was a fitting accreditation important for the Havas Ortega professionals.  

The Meta Media Certification requires at least 20% of eligible candidates required to be certified, and Havas Ortega is one of the first marketing agencies to secure Meta Media Certifications for all of their eligible professionals. This certification is the top-echelon Meta Certification to date and is a key identifier into which media companies are a cut above the rest. Each Havas Ortega employee has proven their digital fluency in evaluating business goals to implement a compliant ad campaign, measuring the insights thereafter, and mobilizing Meta as a vehicle for activating those ad campaigns too.  

Shayne Madamba, Chief Digital Officer of Havas Ortega said, “It’s rewarding to be one of the first agencies to have all of our eligible professionals hold the Meta Media Certification. At Havas Ortega, we invest in professional development to advance our digital marketing capabilities. Many are skilled in media planning and buying, but it takes agency-wide commitment to go through the certification and elevate general skills to real expertise. That’s exactly what we did.” 

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