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H&M brings street art and fashion together as it taps DBTK and Garapata for its latest Filipino-designed collection

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Following the success of the first-ever Filipino-designed collection with Don’t Blame The Kids (DBTK) last year, H&M is excited to announce another collaboration with the streetwear brand, and this time adding in Dex Fernandez, widely known and respected in the art scene as Garapata.

Dex, an interdisciplinary artist based in Manila, had his works presented in numerous local and international exhibitions including Taiwan, New York, and Paris, among others. With a drawing practice sourced from street art and found footage, his practice ranges from paintings, drawings, and animations to murals, mixed media works, and photography. Known for his iconic street art project, Garapata, his works are highly stylized with multiple layers of meaning.

“Garapata is a whimsical representation of the social psychedelic landscape that observes the intertwined experiences of human behavior influenced by the other with the bizarre context in which it occurs. In other words, a socio-political mind-trip,“ said Dex.


His addition to the collaboration amplifies H&M’s commitment to inclusivity and DBTK’s aim to celebrate all walks of life. He also believes that streetwear is an expression of individuality and that there are no rules to be applied.

”You can wear whatever you feel like, mix and match, and feel satisfied about it. It gives the wearer a sense of freedom. Same thing in art, it is an artist’s expression through making visual objects. Both streetwear and art are extensions of our DNA, it manifests our style, taste, narrative, culture, background, and the way we think in life. Our body is like a blank canvas, and a blank canvas is like ourselves,” added Dex.

“While DBTK and Garapata took the reins design-wise, H&M worked closely together to make sure this collection would be a visual representation of our shared philosophy. Its ambition is to connect with the community and bring this essence to the pieces hence creating an exciting blend of fashion and innovation,” said Dan Mejia, Regional Head of Communication & PR, H&M.

“Collaborating with renowned artists creates a sense of pressure for us to create something distinct and original that will deeply connect with people. Working with H&M as our platform adds excitement to the prospect of creating a collection with Garapata, as it brings together two influential names in art and fashion. Incorporating DBTK adds a vibrant and meaningful narrative that resonates with young audiences,” said DBTK brothers, Emil and Vince.

The scope of this collection ranges from simple to ultra-dynamic design that concentrates on a more spirited market. By bringing together local street art and fashion, this H&M collection is poised to attract a diverse audience. These pieces also serve wearable canvas for self-expression and storytelling.

The streetwear collection featuring exclusive designs from DBTK and Garapata drops in select stores on September 21. #DBTKxHMxGarapata.

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