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How Binondo-based brand Inspi Philippines leveraged TikTok Shop’s digital playground to grow

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — TikTok Shop, the dynamic ecommerce platform of TikTok, continues to champion local brands, amplifying their presence and fostering growth opportunities within the digital landscape as part of its commitment to supporting local businesses. Among the success stories emerging from the marketplace is Inspi Philippines, a longstanding garment manufacturing company based in Binondo, Manila. 

Founded in 1989, Inspi Philippines embraces resilience and adaptability in navigating the evolving retail landscape. CEO and Owner Kenny Tsai emphasized how the company’s success is rooted in the values of diligence and prudent financial management, making it a pillar of quality and innovation in the local market. 

Harnessing TikTok for Business 

Inspi’s transformative journey took a significant leap with its partnership with TikTok Shop. Leveraging the platform’s dynamic features, including its popular video editing features and shoppable content options, Inspi Philippines experienced an unprecedented surge in visibility and consumer engagement. 


During Inspi Philippines’ initial months on TikTok, the company prioritized developing its content strategy, producing short videos, and analyzing what appealed to its target audience. The exploration of various content strategies, including the use of trending sounds and video lengths, led to the discovery of a content formula that resonated with the local TikTok community. 

Moreover, Inspi Philippines actively utilized TikTok’s interactive features, such as live streams, to foster deeper connections with consumers. Through strategic implementation, the brand observed a significant increase in viewership, with a 24% uplift in Live Page Views in 2023. By encouraging user participation and feedback, Inspi Philippines created a sense of community around its brand, further enhancing loyalty and customer engagement. 

Expanding Market Reach 

Inspi Philippines has witnessed significant growth since partnering with TikTok Shop, experiencing a 69% uplift in Gross Merchandise Value for the second half of 2023 compared to the first half. This growth not only solidifies Inspi Philippines’ position in the market, but also highlights the role of TikTok Shop in driving tangible business outcomes for local brands. 

The exposure gained from showcasing its products on TikTok’s catalogs and TikTok Shop also opened up new opportunities for Inspi to also drive traffic to its official website. This heightened visibility resulted in a surge in consumer engagement and interactions, contributing to a more robust online presence for the brand.

Sobrang bilis lang ng pag-boost niya. Na-accept siya easily nung market, so it’s experiential. (The speed at which TikTok Shop boosted our presence was remarkable. Our brand was easily embraced by the market, providing us with a truly experiential journey),” shared Kenny. 

Driving Economic Activity and Community Engagement 

Inspi Philippines’ partnership with TikTok Shop underscores the platform’s commitment to empowering local brands and providing them with the tools to thrive in the digital age. With its user-friendly interface and expansive reach, TikTok Shop offers a dynamic marketplace where sellers can engage with a diverse community of shoppers, driving business growth and fostering economic activity within communities. 

Kenny emphasized the collaborative spirit that drives Inspi’s success, stating, “We have a common goal that would lead to success by working as a team. We actively collaborate with a lot of local garment manufacturers, empowering them to scale up their production capacities, meet our growing demand, and contribute to job creation for a lot of Filipinos.” 

Looking towards the future, Kenny envisions boundless opportunities for Inspi within TikTok Shop: “The future of ecommerce, specifically, or retail, is already inside TikTok. Diyan lang iikot nang iikot yan (That’s where it keeps revolving),” Tsai emphasized. “The opportunities are already there wherein a lot of SMEs are already doing it. So don’t waste your time, mag-join na kayo agad (join in immediately).” 

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