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IMMAP renamed to DMAP, Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the country’s leading organization in digital marketing, announced that it will now be named as Digital Marketing Association of the Philippines (DMAP).  

After 16 years of guiding companies, agencies, and organizations through the ever-changing digital landscape, the name change aims to open up more doors for the diversity of individuals, companies, and brands, who are involved in digital marketing transformation.  

“When IMMAP was formed in 2007, the name was established under the regulatory guideline of making clear what the organization was all about. At that time, internet and mobile marketing was the best description. However, as the nature of the industry is characterized by rapid changes every year, we felt that “digital marketing” as a descriptor best captures the diversity of practices, professionals, and companies that the organization looks after,” Denise Haak, DMAP’s President, stated. 


IMMAP grew to be the beacon and lighthouse of anything digital in the country, giving birth to industry foundational events such as DIGICON and Boomerang Awards, and programs such as the Digital Measurement Board and IMMAP Academy, to name a few. 

“Behind the rename though, the passion for excellence will remain, even elevate – as we aim to become the country’s largest collective of brands, businesses, platforms, and professionals,” Denise added. 

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