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Reels lead to higher ad recall among younger Filipinos

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Short-form videos have become increasingly popular in the Philippines. 

It’s part of a shift away from overly slick video content to something more real and relatable. The universal appeal of short-form videos has a lot to do with their unvarnished, lo-fi feel. They tell concise stories that reward our attention and they are highly entertaining, surprising and often fascinating. 

Short-form videos are also fueled by the large and growing Gen Z Filipino population who, enabled by mobile editing tools and faster broadband speeds, are increasingly consuming, creating, and sharing short-form videos.


How can businesses benefit?

According to Meta, Reels plays across Facebook and Instagram have more than doubled over the last year and the number of people resharing Reels has grown even faster and has more than doubled on both apps in just the last six months.

A Meta survey also revealed that 71% of people in APAC surveyed have followed a business after watching Reels; 52% messaged a business after watching their Reels; and at least 66% have purchased a product or service after watching Reels.

Reels results 

Jollibee used Reels ad to introduce the new Jollibee Chicken Sandwich on Facebook and Instagram. 

After one month, results showed that this generated a 16.5-point higher lift in ad recall, a 17.5-point higher lift in ad recall for Gen Z audience between 18–24, a 3-point higher lift in brand awareness and a 2-point higher lift in top-of-mind awareness compared to a video campaign that did not use the Reels format.

“Since learning that video is becoming the preferred format for Filipino audiences on social media platforms, we’ve explored including Reels in our latest Jollibee Chicken Sandwich campaign,” said Pam Reyes, Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Jollibee. “We’re thrilled that by communicating brand messages including ‘Crunchylicious. 100% Real, Large Chicken’ and incorporating Reels, we earned better results in ad recall and unaided brand awareness compared to our campaign without Reels.”

“The implications for advertisers are clear,” said John Rubio, Philippine Country Director at Meta.  “We know that meeting consumers where they are is vital to modern marketing. By creating Reels that are relatable, entertaining and informative, businesses can showcase their products or services in a format that resonates with their target audience. We are proud to work with Jollibee in localizing Reels content to connect with their audiences in a more authentic and entertaining way.”

Read more about this success story here.

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