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Empowering excellence: Kroma Entertainment champions women leaders in celebration of International Women’s Month

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Step into the doors of a rising media company that walks the talk of valuing diversity, equality, and empowerment within its walls. This International Women’s Month, Kroma Entertainment continues to champion and nurture its culture of inclusivity from the boardroom down to its studios. Inclusivity permeates every facet of the media company’s operations, embodying its core values and principles.

Behind the success and accolades, it is the women leaders of Kroma Entertainment who stand tall — each one a trailblazer in her own right. With vision and expertise, these ten remarkable women have played pivotal roles in shaping Kroma’s journey to prominence. Join us as we shine a spotlight on these extraordinary individuals who continue to propel Kroma Entertainment to new heights of excellence and innovation.

Denise Seva for LiveMNL and Music

Denise Seva boasts extensive experience in the domains of marketing, advertising, and broadcasting. As the General Manager of Live MNL and the Music division at Kroma Entertainment, Denise was able to expand the business, from mounting brand events to reaching the music promoter scene, and discovering new talent for an ever-evolving audience. From mounting Head In The Clouds and selling out seats to NIKI’s Nicole World Tour in minutes, to staging hybrid branded events for a world-class clientele and giving homegrown artists from small towns big breaks, Denise leads in many ways.


Jil Go for Tradigital Broadcast

Jil Go brings in years’ worth of experience in the fields of sales, marketing, and program acquisitions. She has been pivotal in the innovation of the Tradigital Channels Business of Kroma Entertainment. It was during Jil’s leadership that Pinoy Interactive Entertainment (PIE) was launched as a channel and evolved into a fully digital platform with various programs. She is hands-on in the evolution of tradigital as Kroma adapts to the media’s ever-changing landscape.

Kat Bautista for NYMA

Responsible for handling Kroma’s artist management business is Kat Bautista, whose vision has been shaped by her experiences in the fields of marketing, technology, and strategy here and in the United States. She founded and currently leads NYMA, the talent management agency of Kroma Entertainment, and nurtures the burgeoning careers of content creators and entertainers alike. From handling local talent such as Abi Marquez and Kristel Fulgar, she grew the capabilities of NYMA, equipping her team to offer influencer management services and co-management of international talents such as Jamie Miller and Eric Nam.

Bianca Balbuena for Studios, ANIMA, and Secret Menu

Bianca Balbuena serves as the General Manager for the studio and production arms of Kroma Entertainment, ANIMA, and Secret Menu. Assuming the role with an already stellar resume in film, Bianca’s leadership inspires creatives to make content — films, series, podcasts, branded short-form — that showcases excellence in storytelling for various discerning audiences. Her tenure at Kroma has been a hit in itself, with her teams’ output attaining both commercial and critical successes here and abroad.

Mell Tolentino for Secret Menu

After taking on various leadership roles in the fields of communication and media for over two decades, Mell Tolentino now serves as the head of Secret Menu, where she leads the team in developing creative work for a diverse clientele with diverse needs. Mell uses her experience across various traditional and digital media to make Secret Menu a strong player in the field of B2B creative services, and help brands realize their creative vision through content that resonates with their audience

Sarah Santiago for Kroma PubCo

Sarah Santiago is the consummate publishing professional, with editorial and brand experience across different media platforms and audiences through the years. Today, she helms Kroma PubCo, the digital publishing business of Kroma Entertainment which powers youth-focused titles such as Wonder, FreebieMNL, and Complex Philippines. Her work enables Kroma Entertainment to tell the stories of a generation, giving young Filipino readers content that entertains, informs, inspires, and challenges norms.

Joy Aquino for People (Human Resources)

With her vast experience handling human resources within the media industry, Joy Aquino now manages the People (Human Resources) department. She specializes in organizational and change management, and performance management systems, among others, to cultivate current and potential Kroma employees.

Atty. Jane Delgado for Legal

Atty. Jane Delgado serves as Kroma’s Chief Legal Officer and Data Privacy Officer, overseeing the legal interests of the company’s diverse business units. Her legal counsel enables Kroma to navigate complex legal landscapes with confidence and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations. With Atty. Jane’s wealth of experience in the legal aspects of media, telecommunications, and retail, the company benefits from her extensive legal expertise, strategic thinking, and dedication to upholding the highest standards in legal matters.

Ro Manalo for Corporate Communications

Through her experiences in brand management, public relations, and media, Ro Manalo continues her career as the Head of Corporate Communications for Kroma Entertainment, making sure that the company’s messaging aligns seamlessly with its values and resonates effectively with its diverse audiences. Amidst the competitive landscape of the entertainment industry, Ro is also instrumental in elevating Kroma Entertainment’s presence, making it known to consumers and stakeholders alike as a rising star in entertainment.

Cheng Kabigting for Strategy and Governance

Cheng Kabigting brings over a decade of experience with leading digital and media brands nationwide to her role as Head of Strategy and Governance at Kroma Entertainment. Her journey at Kroma began as the Head of Sales and Marketing, where she laid the foundational strategies for the company’s market presence. Prior to Kroma, she was instrumental in the digital business expansion of Globe Telecom, driving significant mobile data and content partnerships. Cheng’s strategic foresight and leadership have been pivotal in establishing and overseeing the Strategy and Governance team at Kroma, guiding the company to new heights of success.

With these women holding the torch, Kroma Entertainment stands as a beacon of empowerment, diversity, and innovation in the entertainment industry. Each leader brings a unique perspective and skill set, contributing to the company’s success and fostering a culture of inclusivity.

Their collective achievements reflect the commitment of Kroma Entertainment to not only showcase creative excellence but also to create an environment where women thrive in leadership roles. By highlighting these remarkable women during International Women’s Month, Kroma Entertainment reinforces its dedication to breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation of talent.

CEO Ian Monsod proudly shared how Kroma upholds the importance of celebrating and empowering women to lead their respective fields: “At Kroma Entertainment, we celebrate not just the achievements of our incredible women leaders, but the diverse perspectives and strengths they bring to our collective success. Today, we honor the progress we’ve made towards true equality, recognizing that fostering an inclusive workplace is not only the right thing to do but also a strategic imperative for innovation and excellence. It is my honor to work daily with these amazing women — media professionals, entertainment experts, leaders in every way.”

As the company continues to evolve, guided by these influential women, Kroma Entertainment remains at the forefront of positive change in the entertainment landscape, setting an example for the industry to embrace inclusivity and celebrate the achievements of women in all aspects of their business.

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