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Kumu changes the tune on mental health conversations online

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — In support of Mental Health Awareness Month, social entertainment app Kumu has launched “SOUND MINDS: Exploring Mental Health Through Music,” a month-long app-wide activation to bring in the beat and buzz about mental health. The campaign rallies together Kumu’s global community of creators, viewers, and brand partners with activities that open up conversations and actions online about the importance of caring for your mental health.

Despite significant progress, the topic of mental health remains a taboo topic for many Filipinos. Over three million Filipinos are struggling with depression, with nearly 36% of individuals still afraid of the stigma attached to mental health issues. For many chronically online Filipinos, social media is still seen as a scary place where you’re easily exposed to hate and negativity on a daily basis. This is why Kumu has dedicated its platform to building safe spaces online where creators can express themselves, meet new people, and share their stories– even of their struggles, in the hopes of helping others cope through hard times as well.

At the peak of the pandemic, Kumu saw its users get creative on the platform as a means to overcome the fear and isolation that came with the lockdown. Many Filipino singers and performers continued to share their talent online and eventually built a loyal community of supporters to share it with. Other than entertainers, Kumu also brought in mental health experts onto the platform to lead the conversation and educate the community about mental health issues and best practices during these tough times. This May, Kumu continues to tap into their active community of Global Filipino talents to talk about mental health and explore how they nurture their mental well-being through creative pursuits.


The Sound Minds campaign explores an exciting range of activities for both music lovers and mental health advocates to enjoy– from new programs to watch to product features that facilitate a new donation process in-app. Watch out for brand new virtual gifts to show your support to fellow Kumunizens, a new program called Sound Minds with special guests from different industries who will discuss their mental health journey, a brand new season of Healthcareoke that ends with a two-night live show in Vegas, exclusive campaign prizes for creators to work with music industry experts, be on a billboard, win a roundtrip ticket to Vegas and be a part of the Healthcareoke finale, and so much more!

In addition to these new shows and community activities, Kumu is opening up new ways for its users to contribute to causes and charities they care about deeply. A portion of the diamond earnings throughout all Sound Minds app activities will go directly to Kumu’s chosen charity of the month. Join Kumu in exploring mental health through music and help make a positive impact on mental health awareness in the digital space.

Join Kumu for some fun, music, and real talk about mental health. Download Kumu and show your support for mental health awareness and musical talent.

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