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LBC’s Alexander Francis Deato took the PH Digicon 2022 stage on digital hesitation and business innovation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Top courier company LBC has fully embraced various business innovations to keep itself relevant to the market and responsive to its ever-growing customer base.

This was shared by Senior Vice President and Head of the Information Technology division Alexander Francis Deato during the premier thought leadership event BOUNDLESS: Philippine Digital Convention 2022 (PH Digicon 2022). His talk, entitled “Dissuading Digital Hesitation & Propelling Digital Transformation,” happened on October 28.

Alexander said that as an enterprise, LBC is constantly evolving and embracing new technologies and innovations. The brand explores strategic insights, looks at technologies that can be adopted, and leans on the expertise of its workforce, enabling it to go through its transformation journey and remain as relevant as ever.


“We make technology work for the enterprise, so we can focus on our core business, which is logistics. As the Philippines’ first proponent of the internet and ecommerce, LBC had the first online gift shop, the Express Regalo, the first online flower delivery through Flowers Express, the first online entertainment gifting through the singing telegram, and Digiprint, a popular printing shop that also provides photo delivery,” he shared. “LBC pioneered services that address a variety of meaningful needs through the use of technology and skilled people who can handle complex processes.”

The pandemic brought with it a host of challenges, from lockdowns, transportation restrictions, and the company’s teams of riders and warehouse workers performing their duties while avoiding the dreaded virus. But because the management brought into the need to transform digitally earlier, starting from its president Miguel Angel Camahort, it became imperative to make everyone involved understand their role and how their contributions build to the overall goal.

“The first order of business was to make the rounds in all local areas, across the country, and around the world. The transformation launch addresses all aspects of LBC, including focused operations, support systems, data analytics, and customer care service tools,” he explained. 

Alexander revealed that LBC’s HR department has gone digital and automated with many services digitally accessible to all employees and enabling the company to easily shift to a work from home environment.

LBC also managed its resources with greater speed and efficiency. From using networked data on the cloud, migrating to off-premise data storage, launching a feature-filled customer app, and introducing a platform as a service, the company was able to launch new products in shorter time periods. “This allowed us to be more agile in adapting to changing business requirements and improving our offerings,” Alexander said.

“We will continue to focus on our core competencies while adapting to evolving technologies and attempting to understand each segment of our customers. Giving them what they require at a level to which they can adapt. Hopefully, we can all transition them to the digital future that awaits them. At LBC, we keep moving for the better!”

BOUNDLESS: Philippine Digital Convention 2022 (PH Digicon 2022) was held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

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