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Pancake House celebrates 50 years of well-loved Filipino dishes

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The bustling era of the seventies saw the emergence of a family-owned restaurant that is a now-cherished institution in the hearts of Filipinos.

Founded in 1974 in the old Ayala Commercial of Magallanes, Pancake House embarked on a culinary journey that would transcend generations, embracing classic and timeless dishes for over five decades. A 100% family-owned venture, the restaurant symbolized the essence of togetherness, providing a space for families, friends, and individuals alike to gather and indulge in the comfort of good food and warm company.

The restaurant’s evolution is beautifully narrated through the changes in its logo, a visual journey reflecting the changing times while preserving the core values that have defined Pancake House since day one.


For the everyday Filipino, Pancake House is a nostalgic embrace, inviting patrons to revisit cherished moments from their childhood.

Beyond the retro aesthetics and the warmth of nostalgia, Pancake House stands tall on the pillars of its vision and mission. In a dining landscape crowded with fleeting trends, Pancake House has remained unwavering in its commitment to providing excellent service, comforting food, and a no-frills dining experience.

The vision for Pancake House’s 50th year isn’t just an achievement; it’s a reminder of the values that have fueled its success. The promise of real goodness, flavor, and value serves as the cornerstone of Pancake House’s enduring legacy. Each dish served is a testament to the craft that ensures that every bite carries the genuine, honest-to-goodness taste that has seasoned Pancake House from its inception.

As Pancake House steps into its golden year, it honors both the legacy of the past and the potential of the future. The restaurant gladly welcomes a new generation of happy customers, understanding that while they may bring new flavors to the establishment, they will always stay connected to the warm experience that Pancake House has seasoned over 50 years.

Among the things to look out for would be a refreshing visual revamp, including an exclusive 50th year Pancake House logo and the comeback of their first-ever menu design. It’s a celebration that invites everyone to partake in the timeless essence of Pancake House – where classic meets contemporary, and every moment is a journey through the flavors of the past and the innovations of the present.

The enduring legacy that has touched the lives of generations will continue for the next 50 years of crafting culinary experiences, blending the old with the new, and continuing to be the feel-good home for Filipinos from all walks of life. A timeless beacon of goodness in the heart of the Philippines, the Pancake House is not old, just classic.

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