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Sephora underlines inclusive beauty with global brand signature ‘We belong to something beautiful’

GLOBAL — Sephpra, the world’s leading global prestige beauty retail brand, is adopting for the first time a single brand signature for all its 35 markets worldwide: “We belong to something beautiful.” Sephora, with the purpose to inspire its communities through its inclusive vision, within which all forms of beauty are celebrated, here reaffirms its role. The brand aims to offer spaces for free exploration, self-expression, without judgment, that reinforce self-confidence through positive interactions.

“As the global leader, Sephora has always been shaping the Prestige beauty industry and reinventing the codes of Beauty. This signature has been a key pillar of Sephora’s positioning in North America and has helped redefine prestige beauty in this region. By adopting it worldwide, we are reaffirming our unique vision of beauty, which draws its strength from the expression of our uniqueness, but also from our belonging to a welcoming community, without borders or barriers. We want to inspire the millions of enthusiasts who make up our community: the 180 million members of our loyalty program worldwide, our hundreds of partner brands, and our 50,000 employees,” said Guillaume Motte, President and CEO of Sephora.

“Initially launched in North America in 2019, We Belong to Something Beautiful has become more than a brand signature. It has inspired action, from evolving our store experience to expanding our product assortment. While every culture has unique nuances, we believe inclusion is a global human concept. We now challenge ourselves to commit to this ambition worldwide,” added Deborah Yeh, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Sephora.


This signature, which illustrates the values supported and defended by Sephora, is now coming to life in Europe, the Middle East and Asia through a new immersive campaign, produced with the BETC agency, which redefines the role of the mirror as an ally. Often considered an object of judgment, the mirror is transformed here into a benevolent and positive witness to celebrate all beauty.

To directed this campaign, SEPHORA relied on a community of women: director Stefanie Soho and photographer Liz Collins, who captured moments taken from scenes in the film, but also from more varied and sometimes more intimate moments in life, showing that all mirrors can become everyday allies. The film presents a series of slices of life where characters come together and connect through beauty.

Sylvie Moreau, President EME at Sephora, said: “In this campaign, we wanted to highlight a fundamental principle for Sephora: beauty flourishes in diversity and confidence. Confidence in oneself, and the confidence that comes from connecting with others. As a leader, we have the responsibility and privilege of carrying this message as widely as possible.”

For Florence Bellisson, President in charge of creation at BETC Etoile Rouge, “The use of the mirror holds a dual meaning for us: we wanted to restore its positive role, far from preconceptions and beauty dictates. But it is also the metaphorical embodiment of Sephora stores: an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.”

The campaign will be displayed in 400 of our shops in the EU. And, because Sephora wants to engage with its whole community, Selena Gomez, a celebrity with strong commitments to mental health, inclusivity and self-acceptance, joins the campaign with her Rare Beauty brand.

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