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Sodexo rebrands as Pluxee with a more powerful app and more intentional messaging to ‘Live Joyful’

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines is now Pluxee. The pivot to a digital-first approach was announced last year to personalize the experience of its clients, partner merchants, and consumers. The rebrand comes from Sodexo’s history of transforming trust into transactions. Since its joint venture with SM Investment Corporation in 2003, Sodexo has become one of the biggest issuer of gift certificates in the Philippines.

Now, in an effort to strengthen their messaging, the brand launched “Live Joyful,” a campaign that highlights how Pluxee enables people to have more of what matters.

“The inspiration for using Live Joyful as our campaign is at the end of the day, that really is the purpose of the product,” said Sharon Velasco, Pluxee’s Marketing Director in the Philippines. “Let’s say for example, you receive a Pluxee gift, it’s not something that you will use to pay bills, it’s not something that you will use to pay off debt, it’s not something that you’ll use for obligations. It’s something that you’ll use for yourself, for your loved ones.”


“It’s something that you will use because you want to taste that new restaurant, because you want to buy those new shoes, because you want to upgrade your new gadget, because you want to have a staycation, you want to treat your furbaby so it’s all these happy things that are associated with a reward that’s why when you speak of a Pluxee gift, it’s making someone’s life happier,” Sharon explained.

To make this seamless and more accessible, Pluxee has ramped up its app to house over 10,000 app-exclusive brands such as Angkas, Grab, Klook, Lazada, Shopee, and more. Pluxee gifts can also come in the form of codes that can be distributed via SMS or email. For clients who remain conventional in their approach, Pluxee Gift cards are physical cards that come with digitally powered codes and may be used instantly in stores or can be converted to credits in the Pluxee Philippines app.

“We harness the power of digital to help our Clients give meaningful, sustainable rewards that foster a motivated and satisfied workforce. We make it easy for Consumers to use their rewards and maximize their choice with the continued expansion of our merchant network. We support our Merchants by accelerating traffic and reach so they can thrive in a competitive market,” said Mert Cetin, Country CEO for Pluxee Philippines.

With its range of partners such as food, recreational activities, gifts, and wellness to make rewarding convenient, the spinoff is just the brand’s strong start to enrich life through memorable experiences.

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