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Splio and Tinyclues join forces to become the European leader in AI-powered CRM

PARIS, FRANCE — Martech company Splio has announced the acquisition of Tinyclues, the specialist in SaaS predictive marketing based on deep learning AI. This acquisition fulfills a shared ambition to enable brands to easily orchestrate large-scale, hyper-personalized marketing plans.

Splio works with more than 400 brands, including Decathlon, Longchamp, and Orange, and has been developing its own Individuation marketing solution since 2021. Based on machine learning (AI), this solution addresses the dual challenge currently faced within CRM: how to personalize the customer experience for each individual whilst offering marketers a simple solution for large-scale orchestration.

The technological power of the Tinyclues platform increases the value proposition of Splio. A recent winner of both the Sammy and MarTech Breakthrough awards, Tinyclues is currently the most powerful predictive engine on the market, since it is the only one fueled by deep learning. It allows for the automated processing of huge volumes of first-party data for precise customer behavior prediction. Over 100 brands use Tinyclues on a daily basis, including Veepee, Fnac, Accor, Samsung, Tiffany & Co, and SNCF Connect.


The acquisition of Tinyclues thus enables Splio to establish itself as the European leader in AI-powered CRM thanks to its Individuation marketing software, which can be rapidly and easily deployed across all industries and for companies of all sizes.

“AI has become the new standard for better understanding customers and personalizing large-scale marketing communications regardless of industry or business size. Individuation® marketing based on machine learning was an initial response to these challenges. The Tinyclues platform, based on deep learning, strengthens our leadership, and provides new opportunities for sectoral and geographical growth,” said Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio.

“For a long time, Splio and Tinyclues have shared the same vision of CRM and the same ‘one-to-one at scale’ ambition for clients. Joining Splio enables our deep learning platform to express its full potential by allowing brands to carry out predictive marketing, including customer management and activation,” said David Bessis, CEO of Tinyclues.

As a result of this acquisition, Splio now has 250 employees in Europe and the MEA and a portfolio of 500 business clients, from medium-sized companies to large groups from a large range of industries (retail, restaurant, telecoms, travel, hotel, leisure, etc.) with annual recurring revenue over €30m.

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