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Wild Advertising and Marketing fosters emerging talent with Singapore Polytechnic collaboration

SINGAPORE — In 2023, Wild Advertising & Marketing Pte Ltd, a creative agency under PRAP Japan, took proactive steps to advance team development and foster the growth of emerging creatives. One initiative involved acting as a consultant for an intern’s Final Year Project at Singapore Polytechnic, in collaboration with social enterprise Re-store. The goals were threefold: to enhance team building within the agency, support aspiring design students, and provide quality brand consultancy to give Re-store an edge in an upcoming sales event.

As part of this collaboration, the Wild team served as brand consultants for Re-store—a Singaporean initiative focused on upcycling textile waste into stylish accessories and creating employment opportunities for marginalized communities. Through this experience, the team gained invaluable insights into client perspectives, enriching their understanding of branding and client relationships.

Today’s clients value creativity that effectively addresses their specific problems. Joshua Ng, a content writer at WILD, remarked, “Putting myself in the client’s shoes made me realize we often overlook key aspects as creatives — this exercise helped me to develop my discernment for ideas. At the same time it helped our team to grow closer, understanding each other through a new activity — allowing us to see a different side of our teammates.”


The Project

Sarah Leong, the intern at WILD, led her team of schoolmates in a project

This effort was supported by WILD, whose creative team helped push the students’ ideas creatively while streamlining the deliverables based on the brand’s identity and needs. The idea was to encourage the students to dream big for a real-life project that could take shape from their work while keeping things practical and doable.

The Outcome

The collaboration with students from Singapore Polytechnic proved to be mutually beneficial in three significant ways: the students gained valuable hands-on industry experience, WILD deepened its understanding of client perspectives, and Re-store received expert brand consultancy.

Although the final booth design at Boutique Fairs 2024 differed from the initial prototype, it was still influenced by the students’ original design. As a testament to their success, Sarah and her team received high praise and achieved excellent results for their Final Year Project.

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