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Acura and mcgarrybowen London launch hundreds of bespoke films in new ‘Original Must Be Done’ campaign for the NSX supercar

LONDON – In a world first, hundreds of individually tailored online films have been created to support the new NSX supercar – one film for every single NSX rolling off the assembly line throughout the launch.

The campaign ‘Original Must Be Done’, devised and created by mcgarrybowen London and directed by Mark Jenkinson at Carnage, was inspired by the brand’s commitment to originality and the founding principle that the only ideas that truly matter are the original ones.


The NSX literally changed the game back in 1989 and the new NSX takes this to another level with each limited edition supercar being hand-crafted and bestowed with its own unique number created at a specifically designed facility in Ohio.

mcgarrybowen felt that a car such as the NSX, produced bespoke to each owner’s specifications, deserved to be launched in an equally tailored and bespoke way. “The care and craft that goes into the creation of every NSX, as well as the fact that it is a masterpiece of performance engineering, meant we had to create something as daring, as bold and as original as the supercar itself”, said Paul Jordan, Creative Director at mcgarrybowen London. “So we came up with the idea of creating hundreds of bespoke owner films – truly personalised content that features the owner’s very own NSX from the specific colour, through to the type of alloy wheels chosen, down to the unique numbered plaque. The challenge was then how to make this a reality.”

The creative vision was made possible through mcgarrybowen’s partnership with MPC, who took the principles and techniques of traditional film production and fused them with modern technologies to make something unique. The way each film is totally bespoke is in two key areas – the plaque shot, whereby sequences of digits for every position of the VIN were created then combined into each owner’s unique serial number and corresponding engine cover.

Secondly the dyno shot, which had multiple variables such as body colour, tyre, calliper and spoiler options and consisted of an extensive layering system made from original CAD models which were then animated and integrated into the live-action car. An automated script was created which would literally choose which bespoke elements were required for each film to reflect the owner’s individual NSX.

The campaign’s main 60” and 30” films, also created by mcgarrybowen London, intercut dynamic shots of the car on the road with those in the state-of-the-art factory and will initially run on TV and VOD in the U.S. and Canada before rolling out across multiple markets. All bespoke films will be available to view on the microsite www.nsxoriginals.com and will allow owners to share content featuring their own NSX supercar.

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