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adobo Picks: From bold, to quirky, to out of reality—rounding up the most memorable ads from Super Bowl LV

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In what has been a long-standing tradition, Super Bowl LV from the National Football League (NFL) once again wowed the world with a showcase of American football. Even as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers topped the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 to earn quarterback Tom Brady his record seventh championship, many eyes watched the broadcast for another reason: the ads presented. The 2021 batch of Super Bowl ads were not short on creativity and shone a light on several brands at the big game. 

Amazon – Alexa’s Body


As the female lead in the ad examines the virtual assistant that is Alexa, she ponders what else would be the perfect body to house it. In her mind, that would be someone tagged as People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2020, Michael B. Jordan. In her fantasy, she keeps asking the Creed and Black Panther actor the most basic questions for Alexa, all to the frustration of her husband. From asking how many spoons are in a cup to running sprinklers to dimming lights to preparing her bath, “Alexa” in Jordan’s hunky form just performs his duties while fulfilling her dreams. The husband is trying to rein her in but the sex appeal of Jordan is too strong to deny.

GM – No Way Norway

Upon finding out that Norway sells way more electric cars per capita than the US, Will Ferrell takes it upon himself to correct it with the new Ultium battery produced by General Motors. Recruiting comedians Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina to his cause, Ferrell drives his electric Cadillac SUV onto a cargo ship to take the fight to the Norwegians. As Thompson and Awkwafina drive all the way to Finland, Ferrell learns that he missed Norway and is in Sweden instead.

DoorDash – The Neighborhood

Actor/singer Daveed Diggs of “Hamilton” fame finds himself in Sesame Street and hanging out with Big Bird as they start singing and rapping to a remixed version of the classic “Who are the People in Your Neighborhood?” in this ad for DoorDash. As Diggs and Big Bird bump into other muppets like Grover, Cookie Monster, they talk about what other things the food delivery service can bring to people’s doorsteps.

Cheetos – It Wasn’t Me 

Actor Ashton Kutcher confronts his wife, Mila Kunis, asking if she stole his Cheetos again. Flustered with cheese on her fingers, Kunis turns to see rapper/singer Shaggy who then advises her to just say it wasn’t her. As Shaggy raps an updated version of his 2000 hit “It Wasn’t Me” plays in the background, Kutcher keeps pointing out that Kunis has been snacking on Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix in several scenarios, all of which she denies. Kunis’ cheese-stained fingers are all over their home but of course, she maintains, “It wasn’t me.”

Paramount+ Expedition – Sweet Victory

Dora the Explorer, Jeff Probst from Survivor, Tom Selleck from Blue Bloods, Beavis and Butthead, the dogs from Paw Patrol, and even DJ Khaled all climb “Mount Paramount,” a mythical peak standing 29,150 feet. Upon reaching the summit, they are greeted by Patrick Stewart. Asked by Shemar Moore from S.W.A.T. why they were summoned, Ian Armitage from Young Sheldon says that it’s a metaphor for how all their shows are now streaming on the Paramount+ service. Even as James Corden gets incredulous for climbing just for a metaphor, Stewart explains that they now all live on the peak but they can dance in a concert headlined by Spongebob Squarepants. It’s a star-studded cast and the former CBS All Access clearly wanted to show off as CBS itself was the lead broadcaster for this year’s Super Bowl.

Cadillac LYRIQ – ScissorHands Free

Winona Ryder narrates the tale of a different boy with scissors for hands while reprising her role of Kim Boggs from the 1990 film Edward Scissorhands. Timothee Chalamet stars as Edgar Scissorhands, whose unique condition proves to be challenging when he rides the public bus, tries to catch a football, or even while preparing food at a restaurant. Noticing her son’s plight, Kim gives him a Cadillac LYRIQ, a vehicle that offers a hands-free super cruise option, something that someone with scissors for hands can really appreciate.


Alexa’s Body
Brand/Client: Amazon
Agency: Lucky Generals
Director: Wayne McClammy
Production company: Hungry Man

No Way Norway
Brand/Client: General Motors (GM)
Agency: McCann Worldgroup
Production company: Gifted Youth

The Neighborhood
Brand/Client: Doordash
Agency: Martin
Director: Michael Gondry

It Wasn’t Me
Brand/Client: Cheetos
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Director: Bryan Buckley

Sweet Victory
Brand/Client: Paramount + Sweet Victory
Agency: Droga5
Director: David Shane (O Positive Films)

ScissorHands Free
Brand/Client: Cadillac LYRIQ
Agency: Leo Burnett
Director: David Shane

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