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adobo Picks: Super Bowl ads hold nostalgia and relies on celebrities

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – As the National Football League’s Super Bowl LVI saw the Los Angeles Rams eventually defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, many eyes were on the big game once again for other reasons. The annual advertising extravaganza of Super Bowl ads this year was heavy on the use of nostalgia and celebrities. We’ve picked a few that caught our attention and that we believe merits yours.

Zeus & Hera – BMW USA


Days leading up to February 13, social media was buzzing with a teaser from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former governor of California was clad in a white beard and was supposedly channeling the thunder god Zeus. Like many people predicted, it was for a Super Bowl ad. Zeus and his wife Hera (Salma Hayek) have decided to retire from Mount Olympus. They end up in Palm Springs. Their neighbors keep bugging Zeus for quick jolts of electricity leaving him frustrated. That is until his wife brings home a new electric BMW IX SUV.

New Generation (The Sopranos) – Chevrolet

“The Sopranos” gained a reputation as one of the greatest television shows of all time. Part of its appeal is the show’s opening credits that would show Tony Soprano driving through some New Jersey landmarks while “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3 would play. This ad begins like the old opening credits did but with a twist as this time, it is Meadow Soprano (again played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler) who is at the wheel. She’s driving the first-ever all-electric Chevy Silverado. When she stops to get a charge, it’s her brother TJ (played by Robert Iler) who hugs her like an unspoken tribute to the late James Gandolfini.

Pass It – Bic EZ Reach Lighter

The odd couple that is rapper Snoop Dogg and domestic maven Martha Stewart have collaborated on some projects before. This time though, the pair use a lot of double entendre to poke fun at Snoop’s predilection for smoking some interesting things. As they talk about the benefits of the Bic EZ Reach Lighter, you’d be forgiven if you thought they were talking about some more fun habits of the D-o-g-g.

Golden Memories – Lay’s

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen have done a couple of movies together, so it isn’t a stretch to see them attend each other’s wedding. The ad sees the duo reminiscing about past hi-jinx where Lay’s Potato Chips have somehow also been significant. From a 1997 road trip, an airplane disaster, being kidnapped together, to stumbling into a turf war, they’ve been together with Lay’s. The chips were also there when Seth bought his first house (which turned out to be haunted). Now that Seth is about to get married, it’s nice to know they can still enjoy their favorite potato chips.

Brothers – Toyota

Our last choice had neither nostalgia nor celebrities. Instead, it has a powerful message to convey. The ad tells the story of Canadian siblings Robin and Brian McKeever. They’re shown biking and skiing together from a very young age. At the age of 19, Brian began to lose his vision due to Stargardt’s disease. Rather than feeling sorry for him, Robin continues to train hard with Brian. As impossible as it seemed, their goal was to compete for Canada at the Paralympics. The ad ends by saying that after Brian lost his eyesight, the McKeever brothers went on to win 10 Paralympic medals. Together.

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