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Asian content creator Jenn Chia switches to something better with eyecare brand Alcon

SINGAPORE — Global leader in eye care Alcon has taken away the discomfort of pain, dry eyes, tearing and redness with the all new PRECISION1 One-Day Contact Lenses.

Digital and branding agency, Fishermen Integrated recently collaborated with the global eye care specialist Alcon, to raise the awareness that wearing contact lenses should not be painful.


Equipped with a list of requirements to seek the right key opinion leader to help drive the message across, Fishermen went out to look for the perfect content creator who could walk the talk and had a well established fan base in both Singapore and Malaysia. Little did they know that the search would lead them to a familiar face, a content creator whom they have worked with before, the very talented Jenn Chia.

Jenn had everything they were looking for, and by integrating her style of humour, her writing skills and her acting, “Switch To Something Better” was finally born.

“We are always excited to work on engaging campaigns that allow us to capture the eyes of netizens, and what better way to do that than to collaborate with a global eye care leader on such an entertaining piece. Jenn Chia is so talented and professional in everything she does that we have enjoyed teaming up with her on all our campaigns. She has never failed to go above and beyond to deliver what is expected of her, which you can evidently see in Alcon PRECISION1™’s campaign “Switch to Something Better” said Adam Miranda, the Executive Creative Director of Fishermen Integrated.

Written and executed by Fishermen, Jenn Chia and Graph Studio, Alcon PRECISION1’s campaign “Switch to Something Better” wittily plays up the ridiculousness of how many of us normalise toxic relationships when we truly deserve something better.

“Many contact lens wearers normalise eye dryness that come with the old lens technology and we strongly advocate otherwise because their eyes deserve better! Your eyes are the windows to the world, and should be comfortable and hydrated with zero compromise! Don’t settle for less when there’s newer technology that can provide your eyes with something better!” said Claire, the Head of Marketing & Channel Marketing, Malaysia.

“Simply telling you that the PRECISION1 is newer and better may be easy, but the challenge is to ultimately get you to switch to something better, by trying it yourself!” added Catherine Seah, Marketing Manager, Alcon Vision Care Singapore.

To date, this campaign has driven high leads going above and beyond the industry benchmark. Over 23% of viewers have taken the first step to try the PRECISION1™ One-Day Contact Lenses and close to 11% of those who have tried, have since switched to something better and have made Alcon’s PRECISION1™ One-Day Contact Lenses their choice!

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