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BBDO Russia doesn’t want you to look the other way

MOSCOW – “He beats me means he loves me” is a common excuse for domestic violence in Russia. There is no statistics for its victims, no criminal rule. Even witnesses don’t get involved: “Lovers’ tiffs are easily made up again”. According to independent estimates, almost none of them realize that such an attitude causes thousands of deaths each year.


From the experience of “Family Matters” psychological aid center, domestic violence victims are rarely capable of solving their problems by themselves. As a rule, they justify their tormentors or prefer to keep it secret. Thus, it is extremely important to change public opinion and tell people how to behave having spotted signs of domestic violence.



BBDO Russia Group and the “Family Matters” psychological aid center created a video warning people not to turn their back on a woman being beaten in a family.


“Our video is purposely lacking action”, says Kirill Tsytkin, BBDO copywriter. “The first second you see a woman turning her eyes from the camera and a text going out of the eyesight. You can stay with the woman or follow the text. However, whatever you choose, you’ll have to watch the video again to see the story from all sides.”

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