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Betclic and Marcel introduce ‘Betclic Cam’ for live in-game player and referee perspectives

PARIS, FRANCE — In a groundbreaking moment during the live broadcast of an official match, the Betclic Elite game between Paris Basketball and Saint-Quentin Basketball on February 11 featured unprecedented and immersive additional footage: one player and two referees were equipped with a mounted camera, the “Betclic Cam,” throughout the match. These images were broadcast live by the official broadcasters of the event, L’Équipe channel and SKWEEK. This idea conceived by creative agency Marcel has never been seen before in an official match across all sports and countries.

Behind this immersive revolution is Betclic. As the title partner of the National Basketball League since 2021, Betclic promises to constantly innovate to offer sports fans the most intense, entertaining, and immersive experiences. Bringing the sport to life from the inside, closer to the action, has never been done during an official competition. For this purpose, Betclic surrounded itself with experts: the company MINDFLY developed the “Betclic Cam” mounted camera, adapted here for basketball players. The National Basketball League, impressed by the initiative of its title partner and the clubs involved, subsequently approved using the device during official matches.

One player from the match, Bandja Sy (Paris Basketball), and two referees were equipped with the “Betclic Cam” mounted camera placed on their chest. This equipment allowed basketball fans (watching on their screens and/or in the stands) to follow the match live from the players’ perspective on the court on the L’Équipe channel and SKWEEK.


Laurent BUREL, Betclic CMO, said, “The Betclic Cam will make the broadcast of this match even more intense, immersive, and spectacular. This initiative perfectly summarizes our mission at Betclic: to innovate to offer the best possible experience to our players and to make the sports experience even stronger for all fans.”

Fabrice JOUHAUD, General Manager of the National Basketball League, shared, “We are delighted with this global initiative from our partner Betclic, which will allow us to experience our sport through a completely unique in-venue and viewing experience. I am particularly pleased because the entire professional basketball ecosystem has mobilized to propose this experiment during an official match: from our clubs to players, coaches, referees, naming partner, and broadcasters.”

Jeremie BOTTIAU, Creative Director at Marcel, commented, “Since the beginning of our collaboration with Betclic, we have been striving to bring to life the brand signature we have established: ‘And sport is experienced more intensely.’ At Marcel, each of our creative thoughts is aimed at allowing fans, supporters, and the general public to experience their passion for sports more intensely, in a more entertaining and always more innovative way.”

Eran TAL, CEO of MindFly, concluded, “We are thrilled to unveil the world’s first live in-competition demonstration of Mindfly technology, allowing for a first-person view of players and referees. This collaboration with Betclic marks a significant milestone in our development and brings to life our vision of offering everyone the opportunity to experience professional sports up close, allowing fans to fully feel what their favorite athletes experience on the field.”


Marketing Director: Laurent Burel
Head of Marketing Communications: Antoine Lillet
Brand Manager: Mathias Bellamy
Brand Project Manager: Thomas Gracia
Head of Partnership Marketing: Damien Fréal
Partnership Marketing Specialist: Chloé Girou

Co-CEO: Pascal Nessim
Co-CEOs and Chief Creative Officers: Gaëtan du Peloux & Youri Guerassimov
Managing Directors: Benjamin Taïeb, Léoda Esteve
Creative Director: Jeremie Bottiau
Copywriters and Art Directors: Alexandre Delvert & Cyril Haoual 
Strategic Planner: Ruben Hassan
Account Director: Yani Oukid 
Group Manager: Quentin Seguret
Project Director: Marine Borreil
Project Manager: Pauline Lemaitre
Creative Content Producer: Flavie Parize
Edit and Motion Designers: Julien Taillez, Loïck Tranier

Production: Eclosion
Director: Dimitri Szymanski 
Producer: Quentin Dutto
Executive Producer: Clement Gonthier
Production Manager: Capucine Baron
DOP: Louis Piat 
Electrician Supervisor: Valentin Deluy 
Electrician: Solène Pinard
Sound Engineer: Tanguy Di Fraja
Edit: Marion Presburger
Music Composer: Hocine Halliche

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