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Campaign Spotlight: A bold snack meets Bollywood in this new BunBun commercial

BANGKOK, THAILAND — Practically every brand has its own paprika flavor. In Thailand, everyone knows paprika for its mild taste, and Paprika itself was a flavor in almost every well-known brand.

BunBun is a snack brand that pledges the unexpected and has decided to launch its new paprika flavor. Wanting consumers to “taste the unexpected,” they’ve introduced BunBun Paprika, an Indian spice in a bolder and tastier way.


Wolf BKK joined forces with Salmon House to fuse the ingredients in the attempt to introduce the new and unique expectation from the new BunBun Paprika. The idea was to create “A hero, a Bollywood badass,” and a bold and colorful character who is a representation of all flavorful spices and demonstrates his unexpected out-of-the-ordinary heroism. From removing the street light and using it as a vehicle to turning all kinds of food into deadly murdering weapons, it indeed exceeds all expectations like the new BunBun Paprika’s flavor.

Title: Bollywood Badass
Agency : Wolf BKK, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer : Torsak Chuenprapar
Creative Director : Nopharit Dusadeedumkoeng
Creative Group Head : Woottipong Lamangthong
Senior Copywriter : Anin Sriurairatana, Phachara Saothayanan
Art Director : Kanyaporn Longprasert
Agency’s Producer : Chanapat Srabua
Managing Director : Phannika Vongsayan
Business Director : Chonlatid Saenghiran
Communications Director : Thosaporn Kaewnurachadasorn
Communications Manager: Benchawan Ngamjiradawong
Production Company : Salmon House
Director : Thanachart Siripatrachai, Vichai Matakul

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