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Campaign Spotlight: adam&eveDDB launches campaign for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in partnership with Balls to Cancer

A new film created by adam&eveDDB sees Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles urging drivers to take as much care over their health as they do their vans.

The campaign has been created in conjunction with charity Balls to Cancer, which aims to fight cancer with fun, and is being released to coincide with Male Cancer Awareness month this November.

In the light-hearted film a driver is collecting his van after it’s been checked over by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle technician. The customer is so impressed by the technician’s thoroughness that when he’s told “You’re good to go, unless there’s anything else?”, he replies “Actually, could you have a look at these as well” and drops his trousers.


The technician is momentarily caught off guard before answering apologetically, “I just do vans”. The ad ends with the lines “You get your van checked, so why not yourself? If you’re concerned, please see your GP”.

It is based on the observation that, for many professionals, their van is critical to their livelihood and life – therefore they are quick to get it checked even at the smallest sign of an issue. But that same urgency doesn’t apply to themselves if they find a lump on their testicles.

Sarah Cox, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “Our customers’ vans are critical to their livelihoods, both professionally and personally. If there was something wrong with their van it could result in loss of work. It’s no wonder then that our customers are quick to get their van checked even at the smallest sign of an issue.

“But they don’t always apply that same urgency if they find a lump on their testicles. By partnering with Balls to Cancer we’d like men everywhere to take their own health as seriously as they take their vans. A problem with your van could result in the loss of work; testicular cancer could result in the loss of life. You get your van checked, so why not yourself.”

According to Sam LeCoeur at adam&eveDDB: “Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has reach and credibility with an audience of men who aren’t always the easiest group to get through to so it made perfect sense for them to team up with Balls to Cancer for this campaign. We hope that by using humour and relatable characters in this ad we can nudge more men into treating their own bodies at least as well as they care for their vans.”

Mark Bates, Balls To Cancer co-founder, said: “We’re delighted to receive the support of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles during Male Health Awareness month. Traditionally men find it hard to talk about things like this but we’re proud to speak out and spread this life-saving message.”

The campaign runs on ITV Player, 4OD, Sky AdSmart as well as on YouTube and social channels. It will also be rolled out across all of Volkswagen’s Van Centres, with staff being encouraged to get involved in fundraising.


Client: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Brand: Brand

Project name: Balls to Cancer

Where did it run: VOD and Social

Client: Sarah Cox

Chief Creative Officer: Rick Brim

Creative Directors: Matt Woolner and Steve Wioland

Creatives: Will Blackburn and Lily Scarlett

Agency producer: Hannah Needham

Managing Partner: Sam LeCoeur

Business Director: Matthew Harris

Account Manager: Charlotte Ellison

Planner: Matt Walters/John Blight

Media company: PHD

Media Planner: Hugo Winter/Alice Kinoulty

Production company: Outsider

Director: Jim Gilchrist

Producer: Tex Travi

D.O.P: Luke Scott

Editing Company: Cut & Run

Editor: Ben Campbell

Post Production: Nineteentwenty

VFX Supervisor: Chrys Aldred 

Post Producer:  Amie Kingsnorth & David Keegan

Colourist: Duncan Russell @ Freefolk

Audio Post Production: Grand Central Recording Studios

Audio Engineer: Munzie Thind

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