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Campaign Spotlight: AIA Malaysia rallies Malaysians to squash the stereotypes with Nicol David this IWD

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Women are bad drivers. How can women be leaders? They’re too emo! Girls’ main sport is to talk glamour.

Do these sound familiar?

In conjunction with this year’s International Women’s Day theme of #BreakTheBias, AIA has recently teamed up with Fishermen Integrated to present how gender stereotypes remain a constant battle for every woman in Malaysia – even if they are the Greatest Athlete of All Time and an 8-time World Squash Champion.


Featuring their ambassador, Datuk Nicol David, AIA’s campaign message aims to empower and encourage women from all walks of life to squash these stereotypes and live up to their greatest potential.

“Women make significant economic, social, and cultural contributions that benefit all of us every single day. This rings true in AIA Malaysia as well, where 68% of our workforce is represented by remarkable, capable, and strong women. We wanted to not only celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in our country, but also highlight the struggles, challenges, and biases that they still face along the way. For us, there was no better person to tell this story than Nicol herself, who has reached the height of success, in spite of all these stereotypes. It is our hope that her story will inspire other women to break the bias, go the distance and truly live a healthier, longer and better life,” said Heng Zee Wang, AIA Malaysia’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Andrew Tan, Executive Creative Director of Fishermen Integrated said, “AIA Squash The Stereotypes is a reinterpretation of this year’s International Women’s Day theme Break The Bias. We collaborated with The Greatest Athlete of All Time, Nicol David, on this very special campaign to highlight the ongoing stereotypes that women face and how we should all continue to squash it. We teased the audience by telling them Nicol David has an opponent that is still dominating. Only to be revealed in the video that the true opponent is not a person but instead, stereotypes for women.”

Joyce Gan, Fishermen Integrated’s Group Brand Director added, “Here is one for all the strong women out there. Despite all the challenges we face, whether in our careers or family lives – continue to beat the odds and break the bias. We are glad to work together with Nicol and AIA as they are the best partners in bringing this message alive.”

With a rallying call to get women to share the stereotypes they have faced or are facing, AIA not only wants to shed light on this battle but is also giving a chance to 20 lucky participants to attend an exclusive squash clinic with Nicol David herself.

Watch AIA Ambassador, Datuk Nicol David, as she invites Malaysian women to follow in her footsteps and #AIASquashTheStereotypes.

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