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Campaign Spotlight: Allianz Insurance and BBDO Shanghai discover the strength to move forward

SINGAPORE — How can a brand campaign stand out during the Olympic Games? For such a regularly asked question, BBDO Shanghai and worldwide Olympic and Paralympic insurance partner Allianz presented an uncommon answer with the jointly created the campaign “The Strength to Move Forward.”

Many brands and agencies have created various content campaigns about the Olympic Games. It is not strange for BBDO to help brands create Olympic campaigns. Whether the work was for the Olympic Games or Olympic Winter Games, BBDO has a wealth of brand Olympic communications experience. However, this time round, it was a challenge for BBDO to avoid aesthetic fatigue and help the 130-year-old German insurance brand Allianz create such an impressive campaign at the high-profile Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.


Give Creativity The Strength to Move Forward with Breakthrough Production

BBDO put down its previous Olympic Campaign experience and abandoned the conventional practice of manifesto-style sports TVCs. Instead of using a large amount lot of copy content in the video, the team let two small characters tell a simple short story, with a man who walked across mountains and rivers, and a girl who chased figure skating dreams in her own world. They finally meet each other in the competition and become the strength to move forward to each other.

Give the Production the Strength to Move Forward with Optimistic Determination

The team also encountered great challenges during the filming process. Before the shooting started, the BBDO team was almost unable to attend the shooting as scheduled due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Shanghai. In order to present the story more realistically, both the BBDO team and the whole production team went to the plateau area to shoot which was minus 26 Degrees Celsius. The cold weather and altitude sickness were undoubtedly huge challenges for everyone. But the production team, the actors, the BBDOers, and the clients, all moved forward with the strength from each other, and finally presented the film to the world.

Give Everyone the Strength to Move Forward with The Spirit of This Film

BBDO Shanghai and Allianz Insurance jointly created this campaign to present this strength to move forward to all athletes who are fighting for their dreams, to all audiences who wholeheartedly support the athletes, and to everyone who moves forward fearlessly.



Client: Allianz Insurance

Agency: BBDO Shanghai

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