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Campaign Spotlight: Anmum Essential connects brains with the help of BBDO Malaysia

SINGAPORE – Anmum Essential has launched the Mind-Q Connect campaign with BBDO Malaysia. Tapping into parents’ desire to raise amazing young minds, the campaign highlights the importance of maximizing a child’s brain cell connections, and how interactions with mum combined with Anmum Essential facilitates all-round development.

Building on the previous successful “What’s In The Milk” campaign with launch videos surpassing 3 million views on YouTube in total, Anmum Essential once again used the much-loved kid character Adam to demonstrate his qualities as a connected kid who’s not just curious, but also able to connect to the wider world around him. In the films, we see Adam solving problems creatively by piecing together what he has learned from mum and sharing with friends as a sign of his all-round development.

This campaign is also supported by a digital campaign and on-ground sampling events.


“It was fun to showcase in the ad just how intelligent children are these days. It’s something most parents can relate to. I hope our audience enjoys watching the films as much as we enjoyed making them,” said Farrah Harith-McPherson, General Manager of BBDO Malaysia.

“We know every parent wants their kids to enjoy a healthy, all-rounded development. Our job was to show that when partnered with good nutrition and mum’s active role, Anmum Essential fulfils that need. This Mind-Q Connect campaign delivers the message successfully,” said Irene Cheah, Anmum Marketing Manager of Fonterra Malaysia.

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