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Campaign Spotlight: ASPAC Reimagines Ginebra San Miguel’s Iconic Label to Celebrate and Commemorate Frontliners 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Now that the world is faced with the scourge of COVID-19, brands have stepped up their efforts in sending important messages to their respective markets – that “we are in this together”; some brands even went as far as converting their products into something more useful in battling COVID-19.

Fortunately for Ginebra San Miguel, they have done both so far.

In spite of a lockdown and temporary liquor ban restricting consumption of its products in many places in the country, the brand found a way to help as well as honor the many new heroes serving at the frontlines.


During the early stages of the enhanced community quarantine, Ginebra San Miguel – faithful to the core San Miguel Corporation value of Malasakit – repurposed its production plants to produce ethyl alcohol for donation to hospitals and the frontlines and the like. To date Ginebra San Miguel has donated more than 1.2M liters of alcohol.

Apart from this, Ginebra San Miguel’s iconic label took on new meaning for a new generation.


National Artist Fernando Amorsolo’s artwork, which depicts Saint Michael the Archangel slaying a demon, has become a symbol of hard work and perseverance recognized and passed down for more than 185 years.

On April 15, 2020, Ginebra San Miguel released social posts with agency ASPAC, a part of Dentsu Aegis Network, reimagining its label, illustrated by award-winning artist Peter Peraren – this time portraying today’s frontline heroes who are risking their health and lives to save others in the worldwide battle against COVID-19.


Initially a widely-shared one-off post for those in the medical field, it was eventually succeeded by tributes to convenience store workers, couriers, and security guards, turning it to a Labels for Frontliners campaign. Ginebra San Miguel raises a toast to every heroic deed of our frontliners and salutes their innate Never Say Die spirit, in what might be the biggest battle of their lives.

“In this pandemic, brands must become relevant. Now that the world is at a standstill, our frontliners are the ones who keep things moving. Their selfless efforts coupled with their ‘Tunay na Tapang’ serve as inspiration to us here at Ginebra San Miguel and to Filipinos all over the world as we continue to serve our fellow countrymen with the brand as a platform,” said Ron Molina, Marketing Manager of Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.

“By making them the symbol of resiliency, it’s our way of showing that we believe in these frontliners; we want them to come out triumphant over this widespread disease,” he added.

The posts captured the attention and inspired netizens, garnering an estimated total of 2.3M in total reach, with more than 153K reactions, and about 169K engagements. Several even suggested that actual bottles don this label as limited edition collectibles commemorative of this significant time in our lives. Whether Ginebra turns these labels into commemorative art on bottles remains to be seen.

Through these efforts, the brand aims to remind everyone that the Never Say Die spirit and the Ganado sa Buhay attitude are in all of us and should help us rise above adversities.

Designs were also made celebration grocery workers, delivery, and drugstore personnel.


CAMPAIGN NAME : Labels for Frontliners
BRAND : Ginebra San Miguel Inc.
CLIENTS : Ron Molina, Glenn Miguel, Paolo Jose Tupaz,
Chey Mayuga, Jen Alfaro, Kelly Borigas
CREATIVES : Paolo De Leon, Aries Balderama, Jeremy Lopez, Jerry Hizon,
Peter Peraren
ACCOUNTS : Susan Dimacali, Abby Espiritu, Genie San Juan, Colin Badidles
STRAT : EZ Abero, Rey Leuterio, Fay Ballo
SOCIAL TEAM : Quinlin Roxas, Jan Maming

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