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Campaign Spotlight: In BBDO Taiwan’s entry to the 4A Creative Awards, food symbolizes creativity

TAIWAN — Creative agency BBDO Taiwan launched a “Creative Snack Stand” for this year’s 4A Creative Awards theme “Creative Matters” to revive the spirit of creativity.

In the wake of the global epidemic, neither the advertising environment nor the budget will be spared, putting more value on creativity.


This is what sparked BBDO Taiwan’s idea for this year’s 4A Creative Awards theme “returning to the essence of creativity,” eliminating budgets and marketing scales to focus on what truly matters the most: creativity.

Influenced by Taiwanese local culture, particularly the Taiwanese street food stands at night markets, the campaign draws on the idea that food’s pure deliciousness to determine its outcome and to provide energy supply for night visitors.

“Rather than focus on complex processing, the environment, and beautiful displays, the idea is to remind agencies and brands to focus on their specialties, and get back to the essence of creativity, regardless of size or scope, and develop creative ideas that make a difference. Even in dark times, creative ideas can be a ray of light,” said Noger Chen, BBDO Taiwan’s creative director.

For the key visual, the creative team used a small street in Taiwan at night as the backdrop for its snack booth with a 4A Creative Award signboard as its central object and only light source, emphasizing that it is not about the environment nor the layout, but rather about what’s really important: the food aka creativity.

Posters were distributed across various platforms as a first step which sparked curiosity and online discussion about this year’s theme. Then with the launch of the call for entries, another set of visuals was released featuring dishes of food being served, capturing the feeling of waiting for something good to arrive.

“Just as street food buyers wait for their ‘delicious food’ to be served, 4A Creative Awards await those with the best in creativity to submit their work. Advertisers who rely on creativity can make a big impact, regardless of market conditions,“ said Alan Hung, BBDO Taiwan’s managing director.

Since its establishment, the 4A Creative Awards have been one of Taiwan’s most prestigious and influential advertising awards. It has always recognized outstanding creative works and demonstrated the industry’s view of creativity, improved the level of creative ability, as well as affirmed advertisers’ professional status.

The deadline for submissions for the 4A Creativity Award is August 12. Submissions are accepted from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hongkong, and Singapore. Click here to enter. 


Creative Director: Noger Chen
Senior Copywriter: Rana Wang
Associate Art Director: Chiao Hsieh

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