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Campaign Spotlight: Cabeza Patata’s Adorable Illustrations Are Now Dancing in the New Spotify Premium Global Campaign

Round heads, stick-thin necks, and a soft but colorful palette — elements that make up most of Cabeza Patata’s projects. Their characters are usually caught in action, in this case while they were dancing to tunes played on Spotify.

The duo behind Cabeza Patata’s explains their collaboration with the music streaming giant in a Vimeo post, saying: “We were commissioned by Spotify for their 2019 Premium Campaign in which we worked closely with their creative team to develop a series of 11 videos and 25 illustrations on the theme of ever-changing moods and the ability of music to help shape and change our feelings.”


Apart from the static images of characters dancing to their heart’s content, they also created eleven videos showing them in action. Each colorful and funky looking character were given a chance to shine and groove to different genres and moods. Even their clothing matches the tune. 

Cabeza Patata’s team consists of an illustrator named Katie and a 3D artist named Abel. Together, the two combined their art to transform 2D illustrations into 3D. From mere experimentation of the duo’s art styles, Cabeza Patata is now a design studio specializing in character design. 


Cabeza Patata – Katie Menzies & Abel Reverter

Lead 3D Direction
Laura Sirvent & Abel Reverter

Clothing and Textile Design
Katie Menzies

Clothing Simulation
Abel Reverter & Laura Sirvent

Lead Character Animator
Raúl Ibarra

Character Rigging
Laura Sirvent

Character Animation
Chill: Andrea Ferrara
Energetic: Daniela Avilés
Celebratory: Andrea Ferrara
Happy: Pablo Gonzalez
Optimistic: Raúl Ibarra
Empowered: Raúl Ibarra
The Feels: Daniela Avilés
Stressed: Pablo Gonzalez
Love: Charlotte Kristof
Exited: Raúl Ibarra
Confident: Pablo Gonzalez

2D Animation
Phong Luong

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