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Campaign Spotlight: Cervepar & Oniria\TBWA launch an action that invites to have a cool head to make good decisions

ASUNCIÓN, PARAGUAY — Although multiple campaigns are made warning of the risks of drinking and driving, in Latin America there is still no real awareness of how fatal this combination can be, and alcohol consumption is not carried out in a responsible way.

Cervepar and Oniria \ TBWA joined the commitment to the community and the innovative spirit of the brand and launched Consciente. It is an innovative communication proposal that consists of a line of shampoo and conditioner, created exclusively to raise awareness about the risks involved in drinking and driving. A product that invites you to keep your head fresh, and to think twice before making any decision.

“In a world in which we are surrounded by thousands of messages at the same time, carrying one that generates awareness is a task that needs innovation when interacting with the public,”  said Camilo Guanes, Partner and DGC of the agency.


For this reason, the action aims to intercept people in advance as they prepare to go out, such as the previous shower, inviting them to make a good decision: “if you are going to drink, do not take your car.”

The product was co-created in alliance with LAEVIA, a national brand of hair products, inspired by indigenous peoples and the odd culture, which invites people to refresh their head with a shampoo enriched in Menthol and containing plant extracts, providing an explosion of freshness on the head.

In addition, for the campaign, an agreement was made with the local mobility company MUV, and each product package comes with a 30% discount code on all trips to motivate people to go out and have fun safely and responsibly.



Client: Cervepar
Advertising Agency: OniriaTBWA, Paraguay
General Creative Director: Camilo Guanes
Creative Direction: Paloma Cella, Manuel Rolón, Marcelo Rodríguez
Art Direction: Nathalie Pera
Account Director: Yamile Miserlian
Account Executive: Daniela Uriarte
Production: Paula Jara
Brand Managers: Marcia Alarcón, Anahi Britez, Alejandra Mendoza
Production: Hei Films
Photography: Martin Crespo
Allied brands: Laevia cosmetics, MUV drivers

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