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Campaign Spotlight: Chevrolet and Commonwealth // McCann Santiago pay a particular tribute to Chile´s national dance in their National Holidays

SANTIAGO, CHILE — The National Holidays of Chile are one of the main dates of the year in the country. And to celebrate them on 18th and 19th Sept, and pay a particular tribute to their national dance, Chevrolet and Commonwealth // McCann Santiago created an audiovisual piece starring Silverado trucks.

Thanks to the driving of the pilots Milenka Cvitanovic, Latin American champion of speed motorcycling 2017, and Rodrigo Pino, Precision Pilot for Running Shots, the brand recorded a “Cueca” starring by two iconic pick-ups. The piece will be on the air these days while the local festival lasts and that will also serve as the basis for a series of tutorials on how to perform the choreography well.



Macarena Bravo, General Motors Marketing Manager, stated that, “Chevrolet has such a close and historical relationship with Chile, that we felt that we should bet on doing something different, original, that reinforces our bond with people and also reminds them that we are here to continue finding new roads together.”

José Solari, Chief Creative Officer of McCann Santiago, who developed this assignment together with Commonwealth, stressed that “our permanent objective is for brands to be meaningful, what a better way to “take” the national dance? This idea required a lot of production work, I think the execution also reflects all the power of the product, we are very happy with the result.”

The tribute will be on the air on the main television channels of the country and broadcast on digital platforms, including Spotify, highlighting the paya (Chilean folk verse).


Advertiser: Chevrolet
Agency: Commonwealth / McCann Santiago

Country Chile
VP: Samuel Estrada
CCO: José Ignacio Solari, Alejandro Bermúdez
Creative Director: César Aburto, Rolando Tessini
Copywriter: Gabriel Lara, Eduardo Chamorro
Art Director: Leandro “Jason” Dessoy, Milivoy Yutronic
Account Director: Cristián Dittborn
Producer: Primo
Director: Manu Miggone
Audio studio: Miranda and Tobar
Responsible for the client: Macarena Bravo

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