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Campaign Spotlight: Chevrolet Asks its Users to Stay at home in New Spot by Commonwealth // McCann

BRAZIL – Chevrolet has always encouraged people to leave home and look for new roads, but at this crucial moment, it asks to do the opposite. Because sometimes the best way to find new roads is to take none. Do not leave home. Do not use your Chevrolet.



This is the brand’s new campaign, created by WMcCann through its exclusive customer service division Commonwealth//McCann.

“The Chevrolet brand has always motivated people’s freedom, now it reflects upon this new moment and shows how digitalization and the dealer’s network remote experience will be important in this new routine”, says Hermann Mahnke, GM Executive Director of Marketing for South America.

The brand also reinforces that their Relationship Centers Chevrolet (call center and digital channels) and OnStar will continue to attend normally and will be at the entire disposal of the customers to support them in whatever is necessary.



Agency: Commonwealth//McCann
Client: General Motors do Brasil
Capaign: Do not use your Chevrolet today

§ CCO: Hugo Rodrigues e André Marques
§ COO: Kevin Zung
§ Creative direction: Fernando Penteado e Eric Sulzer
§ Creation: Felipe Racca e Leonardo Razeira
§ Planning VP: Renata Bokel
§ Planning Director: Leandro Peralta
§ Social Media: Isabela Dias
§ çservice: Danilo Ken, Joana Campanelli, Stefano Begliomini
§ Media VP: André França
§ Media Director: Jodson Ferreira
§ Media: Daniel Gebara, Karen Kirizawa and Igor Souza
§ BI: Fernando Cardoso, Renan Chagas and Alexandre Costa
§ Projects: Margaret Siewerdt e Vanessa Mota
§ Public Relations: Kerena Neves e Bruna Ramos
§ Production VP: Tato Bono
§ Integrated Production: Renata Ruas, Nathan Marino and Manoela Amorin

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