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Campaign Spotlight: Chevrolet Promotes Responsible Use of the Car by Supporting Another Vehicle on “International Car Free Day”

Santiago de Chile–Latin America cities are being impacted by the highest traffic congestion. On “the Car -free- Day”, Chevrolet and Commonwealth//McCann Santiago with the “The day Chevrolet supported another vehicle” campaign seek to raise awareness about the responsible use of the car.

Chevrolet, as the main sponsor of two of the most important soccer teams of Chile and Ecuador –Universidad de Chile and Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito-, switched its original logo of the soccer t-shirts in order to let the soccer players wear the icon of a bike and thus to encourage the public the habit of it as a means of transportation.

“In our purpose to help our clients’ brands to play a meaningful role in people´s life, we seek to provide creative ideas that cause an important impact in audiences of Chevrolet” added José Ignacio Solari, CCO of McCann Santiago. “Through campaigns like this, we motivate brand strategies with purpose, which generates a positive popular culture for the sustainability of all as a society”.


The Day Chevrolet Sponsored Another Vehicle from r3spira on Vimeo.

This initiative was promoted within the framework where Chile was discussing about the enactment of the law of vehicle cohabitation, where the responsible use of the car is being encouraged and how the different ways of transportation live together to ensure more environmentally sustainable city models.

Supported by #DíaMundialSinAuto (#InternationalCarFreeDay), it achieved +73% positive references, +25mm prints in all the region, U$870.000 earned media. Where public figures from government of each country highlighted the initiative by Chevrolet and the soccer players of both teams joined organically to take the initiative forward into their own social networks.



Agency: McCann Santiago / Commonwealth//McCann

Name of the Campaign: El Día que Chevrolet auspició otro Vehículo

Chief Creative Officer: José Ignacio Solari / Samuel Estrada

Creative Director: Ricardo Corsaro  / Johanna Vaca / Marco Tapia / Jaime Cornejo / Ítalo Fierro / Diego Romero / Andrés Romero

Copywriter: Jaime Cornejo

Account team: Florencio Colombo / Alexandra Ortiz

Planner: Ignacio Pérez

Production Team: Taxi Films

Director: Diego Arzuaga / Tomas Neely

Post-producción: McCann Content

Client: Macarena Bravo, Daniel Tarragó, Isabel Hrepich / Oswaldo León / Gabriela Vintimilla / Cristina Ordóñez

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