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Campaign Spotlight: Chevrolet X McCann Shanghai launch commercials that ‘do something cool’ for new Tracker RS

SHANGHAI, CHINA — Chevrolet has launched a campaign for its latest model, Tracker RS, which is positioned as the first “small” SUV for young people in China. In collaboration with creative agency, McCann Shanghai, 10 commercials under the tagline “Do Something Cool” will be consecutively released, starting at the end of May.

The videos show different scenarios of automobile usage, showcasing the relevant functional selling points of the Chevrolet Tracker RS.

“We didn’t want to do the usual automobile commercials that people are used to seeing. We wanted to create something that would grab people’s attention as they swipe through their mobile phones. So, we decided to use humor in introducing the functions of the car told through light-hearted stories in the ads. Hopefully, we can bring smiles people’s faces and excite them with the impressive performance of the Tracker RS,” said Yaho Yeh, ECD of the McCann Shanghai Chevrolet team.


In a typical automobile ad, to highlight the automobile’s accelerating power, the creative team will probably depict a scene where the excellent acceleration performance helps a young couple catch a movie just in time, even as they are running late. However, the McCann team took a fun and unique approach for the new Chevrolet Tracker RS films.

Is this an innovation short film? No, it is a automobile ad: 

Is this a basketball video? No, it is a automobile ad: 

Surveillance footage? No, it is a automobile ad:

What if my boyfriend is not considerate enough? It’s Ok. Chevrolet Tracker RS’s intelligent system can teach him: 

Arguing with a parrot? It’s OK. Chevrolet Tracker RS’s voice recognition system can provide feedback:

Vincent Fang, brand director of SAIC-GM Chevrolet, said, “Thanks to the rapid development of the economy and the support from various financial policies, buying a car is no longer a cautious and long decision-making process for today’s Chinese youth. It has now evolved more into ‘I see, I like, I buy.’ And so, we hope that when consumers view our ads in the digital world, they would find them captivating and engaging. This would allow the Tracker RS to have its chance to be a part of people’s lives.”

“The era of big-budget spending to promote a TVC has passed. Now we think about how advertising can attract consumers to participate and make them willing to spread and share, which can then really help the brand find a meaningful role in people’s lives,” Henry Ho, general manager of McCann’s Chevrolet team, said. “We are very happy with the final creative outcome. It’s a process of co-creation in which the client’s trust and the team’s creativity were both vital. For me, what Chevrolet and McCann have jointly created, is something very cool.

The series of films have been released on Chevrolet’s official WeChat, Tiktok, and other channels.

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