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Brand & Business: GCash offers insurance for pets through GInsure Marketplace

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — GCash, the Philippines’ go-to app for payments and financial services, is making moves to support pet owners in showing their love for their dogs by offering affordable, convenient, and comprehensive pet insurance.

“We want to emphasize pet insurance as part of essential pet care to give dog parents a sense of security in cases of unfortunate events. GCash (through GInsure) makes pet insurance more accessible, convenient and affordable, so pet owners can give their fur babies the best protection and care,” said Winsley Royce Bangit, GCash chief customer officer.

With Pet Insure, you can protect both your dogs and yourself as a pet owner, to provide the best care in the face of unexpected circumstances without having to break the bank for every visit to the vet. For only PHP 267 per month, you can receive full-year coverage with 3-in-1 insurance products, and maximum coverage of PHP 400,000 for you and your dog. Packages include several items to secure your peace of mind such as:

  • Medical Reimbursement: In cases that your dog will need to undergo check-ups, tests/scans, or surgery, GInsure will cover the expenses based on the covered amount of your insurance plan.
  • Cruciate Ligament Injuries: These are extremely painful knee joint injuries/ruptures that your dog may possibly get due to repeated trauma or arthritic disease. In these cases, your chosen Pet Insure plan can also cover it so long as it is not an intentionally inflicted injury.
  • Burial Assistance: In the unfortunate circumstance your dog will be needed to be put down due to sickness and/or old age, GInsure’s Pet Insure can help alleviate the added stress of costly burial services.
  • Owner’s Liability: It cannot always be avoided that your fur baby can cause some accidents. Your insurance can help cover any legal liabilities to 3rd parties due to your dog’s actions.

As with all GCash services, getting your pet insurance is convenient and hassle-free. In order to qualify, you will need to have a fully verified GCash account, proof of Philippine citizenship or legal residence for foreigners, and a house dog between the ages of six months to eight years.

Pet Insure can be found under the GInsure Marketplace, which is a one-stop shop for all GCash users’ insurance needs including a wide portfolio of plans and partners/providers. 

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