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Campaign Spotlight: Clean skincare brand LOUM Beauty Of Calm launches in the UK, Free The Birds work with semiotician to create visual identity

LONDON, UK – LOUM Beauty of Calm, the new premium skincare brand which launched online with US promotion this summer – is arriving in the UK and will be sold online exclusively by Cult Beauty from 14 December.  Free The Birds, the design branding agency, created the serene visual identity for the clean beauty brand.

Since launch, the brand is fast-becoming a beauty favourite in the US, including being featured in US Vogue in a launch exclusive; and being named a finalist in the prestigious Elle Future of Beauty awards.


LOUM Beauty of Calm was created by the team at Present Life, a new company, founded by former COTY CEO Camillo Pane; dedicated to creating high-performance, zero-compromise, natural self-care products.  All existing and forthcoming brands in the company portfolio will be plant-based, planet-friendly and with proven efficacy, spanning different price points and retail settings from mass to luxury.

Camillo Pane, CEO of Present Life, says: “We use cutting-edge science to unlock the true power of natural ingredients, including rapidly emerging actives like CBD. Our consumer testing is extremely rigorous, and we design and formulate to match the highest accreditations from the world’s most well-respected industry bodies.”

A clean, plant-based range, LOUM was developed with a leading Psycho-Dermatologist (an expert in the mind-skin connection) and is clinically tested to dial down and reverse the effects of stress on the skin. Free The Birds brought Loum’s ‘science of calm’ proposition to life and created a full-suite brand identity and visual world. The design team worked with a semiotician to develop the brand’s peaceful colourways and calming gradients – visual cues that are proven to promote serenity – while the Loum logo is built on balance and airy spaces. The overall feel gives LOUM standout while being restful and gentle.

Kat Bryce, Global Brand VP, Loum Beauty of Calm, said: “Building on the success of the launch of the brand in the US, we’re thrilled to partner with Cult Beauty to launch in the UK. Stress is the underlying cause of 8 of the top 10 skin problems (from dryness and sensitivity to oiliness, breakouts and signs of premature aging) yet until now there has been no effective functional solution to counter it’s effects – we’re thrilled to bring LOUM to market in the UK as the first complete antidote to the effects of stress on the skin.

“Free the Birds took on a unique and challenging brief – how could we create a brand organically rooted in the science of calm, from its ethos to its brand identity and its execution. Their strategic and thoughtful approach helped us not only define the brand’s visual identity but create a world of calm that is not only beautiful but feels very much needed in these uncertain times. We hope that together we’ve created a brand that can truly be a force for good, enabling every woman to discover the beauty of calm,” Kat concluded.

Nick Vaus, partner and creative director of Free The Birds, commented: “During a year of tumult and uncertainty, working on a project like this has been such a beacon of light for us. Calm is a complex theme and we have thoroughly enjoyed working on its portrayal as something actively beneficial. It was a fantastic brief, allowing a truly holistic approach which went so far beyond packaging and a logo design, effectively giving birth to a DTC brand – and one which feels particularly timely.” 


The Present Life team were joined in the launch in the US launch by Emmy award-winning TV host, New York Times bestselling author and ‘Chief LOUMinary’ Daphne Oz, who believed in the brand so much she became a co-owner of the business.  Present Life is supported by $20 million in funding from London venture capital firm The Craftory. Its focus is on birthing and buying brands with clean and sustainable positioning spanning various price points and retail channels, from mass to luxury.

The launch range comprises eight skincare products including cleansers, masks, serum, moisturisers and an essential oil. Present Life worked with a Psycho-dermatologist to develop all the products in the Loum range.

The products are available in the UK from 14 December via Cult Beauty.


Creative Director – Nick Vaus
Communications Creative Director – Paul Domenet
Client Services Director – Sara Jones
Design Director – Seila Sarramian
Senior Designer – Matt Taylor
Production Manager – Robin Munden
Account Director – Lindsey Figarol
Account Manager – Chloe Walton

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