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Campaign Spotlight: CliQQ by 7-Eleven Is the Solution to Paying Our Bills At Night

MANILA — With busy workweeks, how do you pay bills when all the free time you have left is the few hours after work you usually spend either stuck in traffic, prepping dinner, or doing other chores you’ve put aside for the longest time? When the clock strikes six, and most payment centers are closed, what are you to do?

Directed by Marius Talampas, GIGIL’s latest campaign for CLiQQ by 7-Eleven stars Pepe Herrera as ‘Darkula’, a vampire who just wants to pay his bills but misses the working hours of his local Bill Payment Center. Like Darkula, many Filipinos are beings of the night thanks to the 9-6pm jobs, as well as the stress-induced commute, giving citizens no time to pay our bills on time during regular working hours.


The hilarious campaign is what most of us probably feel, especially those just trying to get by. “Nasaraduhan” emphatizes on the current situation of the daily individual’s struggle to pay bills on time as payment centers aren’t open at night, while providing a simple solution to all our frustrations.

CLiQQ Bills Payment is a feature of 7-Eleven’s CLiQQ app that allows you to conveniently pay your bills in any 7-Eleven store near you.  Unlike usual bills payment centers in the Philippines that are only open 9am to 5pm, which is the same time office workers are at work, CLiQQ app bills payment accepts customers as long as 7-Eleven is open, which is always 24 hours every day.

GIGIL’s Creative Partner Herbert Hernandez shares the reason behind the campaign, “To communicate this, we imagined who could actually benefit from these, and realized those who are always out at night. But we didn’t want to go to the cliche of just featuring night shift workers, so we thought of other people out during the night. And we came up with a frustrated vampire who just wanted to be able to pay his electric bill peacefully so he can enjoy having electricity at home. But to his disappointment, he never makes it on time to the bills payment center because the only time he’s allowed to leave his home without dying is the same time the payment center closes.

Through this dramatization of the vampire’s frustration, we wanted to speak for every Filipino who just really wanted to pay off their bills but missed the bills payment center hours by a few minutes, probably because of their work and their situation in life. But that should be their last time feeling that ever again, especially because now, they can pay through any 7-Eleven using the CLiQQ app.”


Philips Yu – Managing Director for e-Wallet

Deena Santos- Marketing Manager, CLiQQ

Partner: Badong Abesamis
Partner: Herbert Hernandez
Managing Partner: Jake Yrastorza
Senior Copywriter: Nikka Melchor
Senior Copywriter: Raphe Ramirez
Associate Creative Director: Jeano Cruz
Senior Art Director: John Ray Bumanglag
Senior Art Director: Edi Loyola
Senior Art Director: Dana De Leon
Art Director: Ynna Milambiling
Art Director: Maggie Querido
Account Director: Jim Jimenez
Accounts Supervisor: Cam Elicaño
Producer: Sasa Abella
Line Producer: Mara Bernaldo
Director: Marius Talampas

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