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Campaign Spotlight: Coca-Cola Launches #WorldWithoutWaste in the Philippines, Plans to Recycle the Equivalent of Every Bottle They Sell by 2030

A brand audit by Greenpeace back in 2018 revealed that Coca-Cola is one of the top plastic polluters in the world. Coca-Cola admitted to producing three million tonnes of plastic packaging in a year, but wanting to turn over a new leaf, they are launching a campaign that goes beyond awareness.

Coca-Cola’s #WorldWithoutWaste aims for exactly what the name suggests ⁠— a world without waste. For each bottle or can they sell, they plan to collect and recycle another. They plan to accomplish this by 2030. The soda giant first announced this goal in 2018 but was officially launched in the Philippines on June 11, 2019 at The Blue Leaf Filipinas with the help of Stratworks.

Coca-Cola does, however, recognize that they cannot do it on their own. Plastic collection and recycling programs should start within the community. Coca-Cola’s latest billboard campaign in Central and Eastern Europe is a step into their World Without Waste vision. They redesigned their classic ribbon logo to look like an arm pointing to a recycling bin, to encourage passersby to segregate their trash. Partnerships with the government and private sectors are also needed. Cooperation is key to achieve a World Without Waste.

The Philippines is known to be the third largest plastic polluter in the world. With China bagging the number one spot, it’s hard not to feel bad about our country’s current ranking considering we’re only about 10% of China’s population. It’s not a lack of care, there is simply a lack of options ⁠— one that Coca-Cola hopes to address.

According to Winn Everhart, the president and general manager of Coca-Cola Philippines, they see their packaging as a valuable resource, saying these only remain as waste if they aren’t recycled properly. In fact, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines (CCBPI) recently introduced the Viva! Eco-bottle, which is 100% made from recycled plastic.

(From L-R) Coca-Cola PH president & general manager, Winn Everhart; United States Ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim; Cynthia Villar; CCBPI president & CEO, Gareth McGeown

To begin their World Without Waste journey in the Philippines, CCBPI will lead an investment on a one billion peso recycling facility where old recyclable PET bottles will be crushed into plastic flakes and resurrected into new bottles and products.


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