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Campaign Spotlight: Comedians say it’s OK to cry in campaign for World Mental Health Day

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Mental health advocate Dr. Gia Sison launches a campaign for Filipinos on World Mental Health Day.

Growing up, we were taught that crying is only for the weak. But this isn’t true. When things become unbearable, tears are a helpful outlet to release stress that’s harmful if bottled-up.

In 2017, the Philippines was the country in the Western Pacific which registered a high incidence of mental health cases. Until now, most in the country are kept private because of the stigma of mental illness.


Not surprisingly, during this present pandemic, the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) has reported an increase in the monthly average of suicide-related calls it has been receiving: 45, meaning more than 1 suicide can happen in the Philippines

In this time of life under a lockdown, more than ever, we need to tell Filipinos that if they feel stressed, it’s healthy to release it, and cry. That’s why last World Mental Health Day, Filipino comedians popular online come together to say that, sometimes, laughter isn’t the best medicine. Crying is.

The Stand Up for Mental Health launch video created by ideas agency GIGIL featured the following comedians:
Macoy Dubs
Albert Nicolas
Pepe Herera
Jerald Napoles
Kim Molina
Red Ollero
Aldo Cuervo
Winer Aguilar
Ramon Cabochan
Adren Bernardo
Rex Millora
Muman Reyes
Alexio Tabafunda
Ned-Ned Villaruel
Jim Morales
Blair Madamba

The campaign was launched on FB Live on Doc Gia Sison’s FB page last October 10, 2020. It was hosted by Doc Gia and Ramon Bautista, along with special performances by Victor Anastacio and James Caraan from Comedy Manila. The stand-up comedy performances led to a twist when the video was launched showing comedians crying, underscoring the message that it’s healthy to cry. From there, Dr. Sison discussed topics and answered frequently asked questions about mental health, and how to maintain it during the challenging time of this quarantine.

“This campaign is very close to our hearts. It’s a simple, yet impactful message to remind us that we don’t always have to smile and pretend everything is okay, especially in times like this,” Herbert Hernandez, founder of GIGIL Group, said.

To ensure that this reminder lives beyond World Mental Health Day, Dr. Sison launched the website, which houses a directory of institutions so those with questions or concerns about mental health may consult it, and choose one to reach out to. It also features some videos of the comedians who took part in the campaign.

Stand Up for Mental Health was made possible by:
Arcade Film Factory
Barebones Inc.
Comedy Manila
Hit Productions
Soupstar Entertainment
The Indierectory
With media partners:
Adobo Magazine
MOR Philippines
We The Pvblic

Client: @giasison
Agency: @gigilgroup
Producer: @ilovesasabs

CCO: Badong Abesamis
CCO: Herbert Hernandez
ACD/Writer: Dionie Tanada
Art Director: Ynna Milambiling
Head of Social: Jeano Cruz
Senior Art: John Raymond Bumanglag
Website: Catherine Coloma
Launch Motion Graphic: Maggie Querido
Social: Chrislyn Gregorio

Managing Partner: Jake Yrastorza
Account Supervisor: Camille Elicaño
Launch Director: Micco John Balana
Account Director: Jim Jimenez
Producer: Sasa Abella

Production: Arcade Film Factory

Director: Marius Talampas
Executive Producer: Ahnel Gozon
Producer: Mara Bernaldo
Cinematographer: Gabo Lorenzo
Acting Director: Karl Medina
Camera: Alvin Chan
Project Manager : Lykah Guevarra
Post: Neil Mendoza
Colorist: Peter Aragon / Barebones
Driver: Noel de los Santos

Hit Productions: Vic Icasas
Arranger: @bpvalenzuela

Partner with adobo Magazine

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