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Campaign Spotlight: Crypto art that touches you — NIVEA launches NFT art to underline the value of touch

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The skincare brand NIVEA is tapping into the connected world of NFTs (non-fungible token) partnering with Italian visual artist Clarissa Baldassarri, to explore and showcase the value of touch through digital art. Clarissa has suffered from temporary visual impairment early on in her career as a painter. This inspired her to rediscover art through touch. Based on the belief that a conscious touch can provide new insight to the world, and that touch should thus be accessible to all, a limited edition of a NIVEA NFT art piece is available for free for the first people interested in it.

NFT Artist Clarissa Baldassarri, Credit Nivea, Clarissa Baldassarri

Touch is powerful – and it’s free:
With a Nobel prize given to the science of skin receptors and the trending topic of touch deprivation during the pandemic, touch has received more attention lately. However, touch as a sense still ranks lower in most people’s perception. Recent research* concludes that 88% of people would rank sight as their most important sense, followed by hearing. With “The Value of Touch”, NIVEA wants to bring attention to the power of touch, using blockchain-based non-fungible token (NFTs) to discuss the value society currently attributes to it and spark a discussion about how touch can be valuable and powerful, even if freely available to all. NIVEA is the first mass brand to offer free NFTs that represent “The Value of Touch” with a piece of art directly related to touch through the artist and the creative process behind it.

NFT Art Work, Credit Nivea, Alex Telfer

Touch with purpose:
When loneliness begins to take up more space in people’s lives, human touch and connection to others can make a fundamental difference. “The Value of Touch” is part of NIVEA’s brand purpose “Care for Human Touch to Inspire Togetherness”, launched in January 2021. Through this, the brand supports human touch projects to promote the quality of life for people at risk of loneliness, like babies born preterm, visually impaired individuals, elderly with dementia, and girls in vulnerable situations. By 2025, NIVEA aims to invest 20 million Euro in human touch projects globally, with a positive impact on the individual health and well-being of more than 150,000 people.


NIVEA’s “The Value of Touch” NFT art can be claimed for free at

Check-out the stories behind The Value Of Touch project of Nivea

The value of touch

At the age of 19, Clarissa Baldassarri, an Italian visual artist, temporarily lost her sight, which lead to her discovery of touch in her art. NIVEA partnered with her to create an NFT that translates how powerful and valuable a conscious touch can be. NFTs (non-fungible tokens), usually digital art traded on the blockchain, are considered valuable because they are rare and unique. Our NFT art is valuable because it is free and accessible, just like human touch should be. 


“The Value of Touch” project by NIVEA helps Clarissa Baldassarri tap into the world of NFT (non-fungible tokens) and its valuable currency in the blockchain, to remind people touch is incredibly valuable, even more so because it is free.

“The Value of Touch” project by NIVEA is about Clarissa Baldassarri’s journey of discovery of conscious touch as a powerful tool. She dedicated her NFT art to Cecila, a blind friend who supported Clarissa in the discovery of a new way into her art. 

“The Value of Touch” project by NIVEA was developed in collaboration with Clarissa Baldassarri, who brought to life an NFT art using real life instruments designed for visually impaired people to experience art through touch. 


NIVEA’s “The Value of Touch” NFT art can be claimed for free at

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