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Campaign Spotlight: Dentsu Italy and 10 clients celebrates Pride with an integrated campaign

MILAN, ITALY – Dentsu Italy and 10 clients (Sky, Nestlé, Very Mobile, Fastweb, Plasmon, KFC, Engie, Pringles, WindTre, Heinz) celebrate Pride with a rainbow creativity: an advertising campaign launched on newspapers and out of home, scheduled for the last two weeks of June.

All the companies that chose to join the projet, had the opportunity to be protagonists with their logos, in different subjects and media formats.



The creative idea draws its strength from simplicity: a multi-brand rainbow, where each one is associated with a rainbow flag colour.

Thanks to the support of IGPDecaux, Urban Vision and VG Pubblicità, the campaign is out of home in Milan, with maxi-billboard formats in Piazzale Lodi and special positions inside the Cadorna Metro.

But most of all, it has been published on newspapers just below the news of the debate about Italy’s anti-homophobia law between government and Vaticans with a perfect media placement.

Stefano Morelli, chief creative officer of Dentsu, says about the initiative: “We are very proud of this campaign because it testifies to the deepest and most authentic sense that Pride tries to teach us: the praise of diversity. The fact that large companies that share the market attentions on a daily basis are now sharing the same space is a very strong signal. When individualisms are put aside and small differences are cancelled out, unthinkable goals can really be achieved. In a common victory. A rainbow in which diversity is the key ingredient of a shared message. Because sometimes all it takes is a simple idea and the desire to share a space to send out a great signal”.


Dentsu Creative:
Chief Executive Director: Stefano Morelli
Executive Creative Director: Maurizio Tozzini
Art Supervisor: Daniele Baglioni
Copy Supervisor: Gianluca Nucaro
Designer Director: Laura Liguori
Designer: Stefano Tirolese
Head Of Operations: Chiara Lamera
Head Of Media Relations: Giovanna Scutari

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