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Campaign Spotlight: Dunzo is hoarding love in Pune with its latest data campaign

INDIA — Dunzo, India’s most loved local commerce and delivery app, in association with Brandscope, the hyperlocal specialist agency from the house of dentsu international, has launched a punny outdoor campaign. Launched in Pune, a city that stays indoors, the campaign has managed to attract just the right eyeballs.

Dunzo and Brandscope’s outdoor campaign in Pune

Through this campaign, Dunzo has strategically chosen five-pin codes—locations where it has witnessed both emerging demand and a potential new demographic. The brand’s media presence has always been focused on millennials and Gen Z whereas outdoor campaigns are traditionally geared towards a more general audience. However, marrying data and a witty sense of humour has led the brand to create a series of targeted and memorable billboards that has had users ordering on the app in each of the pin codes the billboards have been placed. 

Sai Ganesh, Brand Lead, Dunzo

Speaking on the campaign, Sai Ganesh, Brand Lead, Dunzo said, “At Dunzo, we have always believed in building the right customer answer. With a demand for essentials across the city, we know Dunzo can be a lifeline for people staying home. Through this strategic experiment, we wanted to understand if this is a good channel to reach a wider demographic in one of our fastest-growing cities, Pune. We saw a spike of 15% in the number of orders in those billboard pin codes. We also witnessed a 39% increase in organic traffic on the app. This campaign’s metric has invoked some much-needed confidence in us planning our future 360 campaigns in the city.”

Anand.V, Associate Vice President, Brandscope

Anand.V, Associate Vice President, Brandscope added, “Understanding Dunzo‘s brand tonality and TG was key in helping us design the right positioning of the outdoor placements. Using our proprietary tool ‘OOHZONE’, we identified PIN-code clusters to target locations that resonated with the target audience and delivered maximum visibility and impact.”   

For the record, Dunzo’s brand and social media strategy has been garnering a lot of attention from users and influencers alike. Leveraging its signature pun and moment marketing to convert audiences into customers, Dunzo’s brand team has been delivering results over the past year in terms of increasing orders and retention. As Dunzo continues to grow in the cities of Pune, Mumbai, and Chennai, it will place a greater emphasis on widening its demographic and user base. Available on the play and app stores, Dunzo is one of the fastest-growing local commerce and delivery companies in India.

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