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Campaign Spotlight: Enervon and Harrison Communications launch campaign to bring back happiness

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — “Feeling trapped or locked down for almost two years, most Filipinos struggle to adjust to the new normal. Of course, they want to go back to doing the things that make them happy. They need a boost of renewed energy to do that. And Enervon is always ready to bring back that energy to them”, says Ida Fulo, Division Head of Unilab Consumer Health, sharing the insight and the inspiration that led the brand team, in collaboration with Harrison Communications, to launch Enervon’s “Ibalik Ang Happy” Campaign.

“In the past two years, marami tayong napagdaanan at na-miss na nagpapasaya sa atin. There is an emotional gap that needs to be filled, waiting for the right brand to fill it. This was the inspiration for the campaign. We believe that if there is a brand that can be a catalyst for happiness at a time when we all need it the most, that is Enervon,” says Elaine Meris, Managing Director of Harrison Communications.

Harrison Creative Director Ronald Marcelo adds, “With Ibalik ang Happy as the campaign big idea, the first thing we have to do is urge Pinoys to get up and move! We have to rouse the spirit of everyone to believe and echo the Ibalik Ang Happy rallying cry. At may mas effective pa ba sa music, o sa kanta para magawa yun? That’s when we said, a song should be our campaign hero piece. The lyrics developed by copywriter Andy del Rosario is so spot on ‘Minsan lang tayo mabuhay kung kaya, bakit mo pa ipagpapabukas ang saya? Sumayaw, gumalaw! Ngayon na ang araw! Hanapin kung ano ang magpapa-happy sa ‘yo’. From there, we thought of making this even bigger through collaborations with very talented Pinoy artists who can bring our creative ideas to life.”


The brand found the perfect ambassadors with no less than one of the country’s hottest bands Ben&Ben at the forefront of this campaign. The band’s “Ibalik Ang Happy” performance video has been watched millions of times (11.8 million views on YouTube as of this writing and over 8.6 million views and 2 million engagements on Facebook), with so many positive comments commending the song’s good vibes, happy energy, and uplifting message. In Tiktok, the #IbalikAngHappy hashtag has over 87.4 million views, with netizens catching on the bandwagon and uploading their own versions of the song.

Franz Baliao, Segment Head of Unilab shares why they chose to go with this campaign. “We think this is a good message for people to hear — for them to be reminded that they can still actually act on their happiness. Enervon’s mission has always been to enable Filipinos to do the things they want to do to make them happy, by giving them not just immunity but energy as well.”

Ben&Ben frontmen agree. “You have to be intentional about your happiness,” says Paolo Benjamin. Miguel Benjamin adds, “Ang galing ng campaign kasi what it tells you is, ikaw din ang makakasagot kung hanggang kelan yun.” In the behind-the-scenes video, the band shares their own happiness about playing such a big role in this Enervon launch. “Nakakakilig in a way na part kami ng pag-buhay ng sound na yan.”

The song is a product of a creative collaboration among several hitmakers which includes composer & music arranger of Loudbox Thyro Alfaro, the man behind songs like “Ikot-ikot”, “Kilometro” and “Triangulo”. The documentary film shows snippets of this creative process, with Thyro sharing a very good description of the song as he gave this tip to Ben&Ben: “If having fun had a sound, what would it sound like?”

To give tribute to the many collaborations behind this song, Enervon created a behind-the-scenes video that documents how the campaign came to life. Entitled “The Energy Behind The Happy”, the video takes us to the creative process behind the making of the Ibalik ang Happy song. Ben&Ben and the many creators elaborate on how they went through their own period of sadness for the past two years. They also share inspiring points of view on how they are continuing to cope with the new normal and how finding the energy to bring back happiness is a decision they intentionally make every single day.

The line in the Enervon song that goes, “Masasayang ginagawa, ibalik muli. Ibalik na ang happy!” encapsulates the message that the brand wants to convey to everyone. With the “Ibalik Ang Happy” campaign, brand Enervon believes that every Filipino will be inspired to move, be active again and bring back the “happy” in their daily life.

Know more about what they have to say and watch the behind-the-scenes video here:

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