Campaign Spotlight: Fita’s “Feeling Institute Tawa Academy” by GIGIL Gives Students Lessons on Selfies, Moving On, and Being an Influencer


Words by Bea Cerda

Have you ever wondered how school would be like if it taught you how to take the perfect selfie, get over your ex, or become an influencer? This concept is now made possible with Fita‘s “Feeling Institute Tawa Academy” campaign that gives students lessons that they would never question where to apply in their lives. The campaign also features famous personalities in the world of comedy like Ramon Bautista as the Dean, and Red Ollero, Victor Anastacio and more as faculty members – making the school the perfect choice for anyone who loves to laugh.

Your New Dream School?!


Crafted by the ideas agency GIGIL, the campaign has been gaining a lot of traction since it was posted on Fita’s Facebook page on Sunday, July 8. Garnering 57K reactions, 2.4K comments, and 16K shares, the treatment for this ad truly captures a unique Filipino sense of humor that brings amusement, joy and a touch of kulit to the ad.

Prior to officially launching the campaign, Fita built it up with a subtle change of their profile picture on Facebook, an accidental leak of the “entrance exam”, and the “classes” to offered by the school.

This latest release is an impressive embodiment of the Fita brand – witty, fun, and young – which has been the consistent theme among its most recent campaigns. Ultimately, this particular one by GIGIL Group sets the tone for the brand to reach a wider audience beyond the Filipino community, as its storytelling and wit can definitely resonate well with those even beyond our borders.

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