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Campaign Spotlight: Fondation Abbé Pierre unveils The Good Life with FRED & FARID Paris

PARIS, FRANCE — FRED & FARID Paris joined forces with the Fondation Abbé Pierre to provide a winter awareness campaign featuring “The Good Life“, a film developed by the agency and directed by Sarah Suco.

The Fondation Abbé Pierre’s mission, which was recognized as a public utility in 1992 in France, has never been so crucial and complex: how to raise awareness and generate the general public’s generosity on homelessness when everything is pushing people to turn inward and fear the future?


In a post-Covid era characterized by overall morosity, the Fondation Abbé Pierre unveils its winter awareness campaign developed by FRED & FARID Paris, which promotes a sense of hope. This is the story of Virginie who faces little inconveniences in her daily life.

However, these misfortunes don’t spoil her good mood. The 40-something shows a smile, one that comes from the past – a time when she survived a life on the streets with the help of the Fondation Abbé Pierre. Because There is a life after homelessness and her responses to the hardships are so many signs of gratitude for Life.

The voiceover of the film, performed by the French iconic song “C’est beau la Vie”, is the witness of Virginie’s rebirth.

In times of economic crisis and social emergency, as more and more people are experiencing homelessness, this positive awareness campaign is an ode to hope and to togetherness and to the power of the human being to endlessly rise.

Agency : FRED & FARID Paris
Client: Fondation Abbé Pierre
Title of ad: The Good Life
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Executive Creative Director (co-president): Olivier Lefebvre
Brand Supervisor: Yves Colin
Agency Supervisors: Séverine Autret( co-president), Dorothée Mianet
Copywriter: Yann Rougeron
Art Director: Yann Rougeron
Brand Strategist: Pierre Gris
Agency Producer: Maud Whittle, Agathe Michaux Terrier
Director : Sarah Suco
Production: Supérette
Producer: Armelle Fradet
Photographer: Julien Mignot
Music / song: « C’EST BEAU LA VIE »
Lyrics: Claude Delecluse et Michelle Senlis – musique de Jean Ferrat
Performed by Isabelle Aubret
P 1973 – Productions Alléluia-Gérard Meys

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